Choosing a Guard Tour System Singapore

Being in the guard tour industry for over 10 years, we know that choosing the correct guard tour vendor for your organization’s security operations can make a big difference. Below are some of the important considerations to account for when choosing the right guard tour patrol system.
Choosing a Guard Tour System

1. Reliable Guard Tour Patrol Reporting Software

2. Customization to Meet Our Client Patrol Needs

2. Customization to Meet Our Client Patrol Needs

3. Excellent After Sales Service Support

3. Excellent After Sales Service Support

1. Reliable Guard Tour Patrol Reporting Software

The guard tour software is a key critical component of any guard tour system product. Its primary role is to extract patrol data from the reader, sort out the information to generate the guard tour activity report at the end of the patrol. If a security officer carries out a guard tour patrol without a reliable reporting software to manage the guard tour patrol data collected, it is as good as the patrol technically did not happen. When you choose DrPatrol, you get to enjoy a software that is designed to just work.

Importance of a Guard Tour Report

The Accuracy and Quality of the guard patrol activity report is vitally important as it has a significant impact on all parties and stakeholders involved in the security patrol operations even long after the patrol duty has been carried out. This report which arguably justifies the existence of the guard tour system performs three core functions:

1. Compliance

Highlight any discrepancy or exception event recorded during the security officer’s patrol duty, eg. Checkpoint missed, Late/early arrival at checkpoint, Missed Checkpoints

2. Accountability

To provide Reliable and Accurate documentation of patrol duties carried out by security officers

3. Performance Tracking

To serve as a credible means of demonstrating service delivery to clients and Stakeholders. For security guard services agencies, this can also serve as a means to justify payment from clients. Like it or not, the professionalism of a security operation is largely judged by the quality & accuracy of the report. Rest assured that when you get a guard tour system from us, you will enjoy unparalleled reliability due to our propriety in-house developed guard tour software.

Case Study

This is a very real scenario with many of our clients, where after their guards have finished their patrol round, it was later found that the data could not be downloaded into the system for report generation to verify that the patrol was indeed carried out. This caused a huge inconvenience for them as the security management has no way of knowing if the security guards have indeed carried out their guard duties as instructed.

2. Customization to Meet Our Client Patrol Needs

We understand that every client needs and guard site location is unique, that is why we make every effort to customize our guard tour patrol system to satisfy our client’s needs.

In-house Software Development Capabilities

We develop the guard tour software ourselves with our in-house software development team. This allows us to ensure the highest quality and reliability in our guard tour software to give you a peace of mind that it will just work without fail. Our guard tour software is also designed to be expandable and upgradeable with additional add-on options. This means that as your needs grow, you are able to enjoy the benefits of easy reconfiguration of the system for situations such as:

1. Relocation or addition of new RFID patrol checkpoints
2. Change of patrol route sequence and path

3. Excellent After Sales Service Support

When choosing a guard tour vendor, apart from the product, another important consideration is the level of service support that you will get from the vendor. Many guard tour system providers in Singapore are simply resellers where they obtain their handheld readers and software from a third party offshore manufacturer, such as China. This means that in the event that their system needs servicing or if they encounter software problems, any need for Repair or Spare components involves a long waiting time due to the need to send the device back to the country of manufacture. Especially when the operation of any security patrol management heavily relies on the proper functioning of the guard tour system, this long wait time can cause a major disruption which is just unacceptable.

Onsite Same Day Support

All our guard tour system comes with a 12-month On-Site warranty, where we offer on-the-spot servicing at your location. This helps to ensure that your guard patrol operations are not disrupted and prevents a situation where the guard patrols are carried out without a proper functioning guard tour system.

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