Guard Patrol Monitoring Systems

Guard Patrol Monitoring Systems commonly used by security services firms in Singapore is a modern personnel tracking technology solution designed to modernize today’s guard tour management operations. Work safety violation and incidents of security infringements are estimated to cost business billions every year. In addition, these unexpected disruptions caused by security incidents can decrease employee productivity output and affect your daily business operations. With a Guard Patrol Monitoring System solutions deployed, this patrol management system helps to establish the highest quality of professional security patrol services for your client building guard site location, where safe guarding the security of the paramount priority.

Complexities of Security Guard Tour Management

In addition to all the basic duties and responsibilities expected of a security patrol management operation, the most complicated task of all is the proactive management and information check tracking of each new patrol rounds conducted by security officers Often, without access to use of such a form of guard tour management system product to help you to be able to efficiently manage, control, monitor and report your security contractors and prowling operations, there is no way of authenticating if the patrol tours have been carried out correctly or if the duties and responsibilities have been accomplished in full.


system integration

1. Security System Integration

Already have an existing security system such surveillance camera or intrusion detection system installed? No problem, our team of security professional will be there to ensure that your guard patrol monitoring system is integrated with your legacy systems to deliver a cost effective implementation.
Software Development

2. Software Development & Integration

Need an integrated dashboard to manage your guard patrol monitoring system together with your pre-existing security systems? We offer customized security software application with fast turnaround time and allow for minor fine tuning as your security needs and organizational workflow evolves over time.
system installation

3. Guard Patrol System Installation

Our team of friendly installers will be there on-site to help you to implement the patrol monitoring system from the initial docking station setup, software configuration, mounting of checkpoints to final functional checks.

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Guard Patrol Monitoring Systems

1. Validation of Guard Tour Patrols Carried Out

2. Improve Accuracy of Patrol Tour Data Collected

2. Improve Accuracy of Patrol Tour Data Collected

3. Track Security Incidents

3. Track Security Incidents

4. Affordable Guard Tour Solution

4. Affordable Guard Tour Solution

Features & Benefits of Guard Patrol Monitoring Systems

The Guard Tour Patrol Monitoring System is packed with features that make it the guard tour patrol system of choice for many security services company where their daily operations involve management of guard patrol operations around their facilities.

1. Validation & Verification of Guard Tour Patrols Duties Carried Out

1. Validation & Verification of Guard Tour Patrols Duties Carried Out

The key to the guard tour patrol system is its precise guard tour patrol events data logging and detailed reporting view functionality, which serves to support and provide a detailed staff activity reporting of security personnel.
This means that both you, as a security guard service provider company and your clients can have full assurance and certainty that your security guards have indeed carried out the guard patrol duties assigned, walked the correct guard patrol route path as intended, with no security guard checkpoint tag point missed, or clocking point read and scanned in the correct order sequence.

2. Improve Accuracy & Reliability of Guard Patrol Tour Data Collected

2. Improve Accuracy & Reliability of Guard Patrol Tour Data Collected

A security guard checkpoint system is in many ways a data collection tool that helps you to accurately log the work activities of your security guard during their patrol rounds.
Using this fool-proof, authenticated means of verifying details of patrol rounds can help you to Eliminate errors and improve the Reliability of your security report documentations. The actual activity of the security guard captured by the security guard monitoring system can be compared against planned patrol route to check for any deviation. This enables security supervisor to take such corrective actions where appropriate.

3. Accurately Track Security Incidents

3. Accurately Track Security Incidents

In addition to tracking and verifying the patrol rounds carried out by your security guards, you can also monitor and track details of security incidents that were encountered during the Patrol.
Using the incident event booklet that comes with the guard tour monitoring system products, it features 8 programmable event options, which gives you the capability to record meaningful data and better manage the patrol operations in your facilities.
The security guard clocking system allows your security personnel to easily report what occurs observations made during the patrol without having to write down on paper log books, which can often be illegible.

Examples of security incidents include

e.g. Fire outbreak, Signs of unauthorized intrusion, Signs of sabotage on facilities, broken glass, and unsecured mechanical locks To facilitate all this data collection and storage, the guard tour reader has is built-in with a generous storage capacity to hold up to 60’000 readings without being recharged.

4. Cost Effective & Affordable Management Solution

4. Cost Effective & Affordable Management Solution

Our RFID guard tour system (IL: RFID Guard Tour System) is designed to be an affordable management system that makes the implementation of your security operations simple.
if you don’t have the budget to purchase a dedicated guard tour reader hardware for each security guard, Personnel identification key tags which are individually assigned to each officer can be used to allow different security personnel on different shifts to share one common guard tour reader.
To do this, the officer can scan his key fob onto the reader to clock-in before the commencement of the patrol and clock-out after the end of the tour. This enables the guard tour reader to capture all the data needed in order to efficiently manage your security guard tour operations

Why Use the Guard Tour Patrol System?

1. Detection of Unauthorized Activity

1. Early Detection of Criminal or Unauthorized Intrusion Activity

Having a real time guard tour system to enforce the patrol inspection rounds by the security officers enables the client to have a means for early observation of any security abnormalities or any unsafe situation where there is a violation of security code that may disrupt the standard operating procedures of your client.
Examples of such breach of security include illegal trespassing, theft of assets, illegal parking problems, violation of noise safety, and suspicious activity.

2. Facility Assessment

2. Building Facility Assessment

A Guard tour system can help you to enforce a comprehensive execution of security guard tour operations, where it includes the identification and report of potentially unsafe situations. These may include any incidents that might pose a threat to the safety of anyone in the area or subject your client to any unnecessary safety risk, such as Leaking pipes, Broken safety rails, Unsanitary conditions, and Chemical spills etc. In addition, a guard tour system can be used to enforce the inspection of existing physical security systems in the facility to ensure that they are being used properly and are in good working order. Examples such Mechanical security devices include, like Lights, Mechanical Door Locks, Security Gates, Proximity sensors cameras etc.

3. System Integration

3. Security System Integration

Having a layered strategy when implementing a security officer patrol management solution helps to facilitate a truly efficient and integrated security operating process across the entire premises.

Situational Awareness for Fast Response

By having a unified and integrated security guard tour management approach, it helps to give security manager an enhanced control and situational awareness over the whole security operation, which makes it quicker to deter potential threats and actively manage security threats issues when they do happen.

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Safety breach and security incidents worldwide are estimated to cost companies billions each year. At the same time, these unexpected security events can lower production output due to the disruptions it causes to business operations. Invest in a safer, More Secure future, by implementing a Guard Patrol Monitoring Systems today. If you are still interested to learn more about Guard Patrol Monitoring Systems and to see what it can do for you, simply call to contact us at +6581822236 if you have any queries, our friendly staff will be happy to assist and understand more about your needs and requirements.