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DrPatrol is a Guard patrol system company established by a group experienced security system professionals after realizing that there is a strong demand for an electronic guard tour management system to address the challenges of verifying the patrols. It was found that this problem was commonly faced by the security command team which manages teams of guard patrol personnel.

While a conventional guard tour patrol on a facility may simply be carried out by patrol personnel carrying simple paper notebook and pen, this method of logging raises many questions on the accuracy of the patrol information recorded. There is no way of checking if the records are reflective of the actual patrol carried out as the records are essentially self-declared with no way of really verifying its accuracy. For all we know, the guards could have simply claimed to carry out their patrol without actually carrying out the actual patrol physically.


DRpatrol mission is to be the preferred partner for companies and organization by providing a comprehensive, differentiated, and innovative Guard Patrol Management Solutions and Services.

Services that Exceeds Expectations

As long as you need a technological solution to provide a means to carry out a detailed supervision of your staff activities on the job, we will be able to provide the solution for you. Our list of services includes Guard tour system integration, system design customization, on-site installation, and maintenance.

Our Guard Patrol Management system is not just to help you manage guards, but more importantly to help you perform 3 key roles critical to the smooth operation of your business functions, namely:
1- Protection of Your Assets & Investments
2- Supervision of Monitoring task that is cyclical in nature
3- Tracking of Field personnel movements and activities

We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service and is constantly seeking ways to improve on our offerings, whether it is through enhancing our product through upgrades or increasing our responsiveness to meet the needs of our customers.

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