Guard Patrol System Installation 

Interfacing with Legacy System

In many cases of guard patrol system installation, organization rarely transit from having zero security system to having a complete integrated security system in one single step. Very often, the upgrades are done progressively, where an existing legacy system is updated to a more current and capable technology.

Challenges that many of our clients faced is in the ownership of multiple different security systems each from different manufacturer brands and different models, which in many cases are incompatible with each other. This is where we come into the picture to provide the integration services to unify all the different systems both old and new into one common system managed by your security command center.

If you wish to integrate your newer RFID guard patrol system or GPRS / GPS guard tour system installation onto an existing installation of an older patrol management system, which uses the more traditional but durable Touch memory button checkpoints, we will first seek to understand your needs and do an objective evaluation to allow you to make an informed decision on the choice of guard tour technology to adopt.

Installation Considerations if you have an Existing Legacy System:

1. What is the projected useful life cycle of the legacy system?

2. Would the technology be relevant and be supported in the coming years?

3. Would the technology be expected to obsolete (taking into account the current technological developments in the industry)

4. Can the new guard tour technology propose to be easily integrated into existing legacy systems easily?
(eg. Can the data acquisition reader be compatible with the older touch memory buttons already installed around the building to be guarded?)

5. What is the client’s security needs and what nature of threats are they protecting against?

6. Cost of initial implementation, Cost of ownership and maintenance and possible cost of scaling up the system as the organization grows and expands.

Interfacing with Related Systems

Functionality of the Guard Tour system can be integrated with an existing installation of related security systems into a unified security management platform to make possible a more efficient use of precious security manpower. In such an instance, this integration serves as a form of ‘force multiplier’.

Examples of security systems that can be considered for integration includes:
— Intrusion Alarm system
— Access Control systems
— Video Surveillance Systems

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