Guard Patrol System Maintenance 

Guard Patrol System maintenance service is your answer to ensuring 100% business continuity by ensuring an uninterrupted operation of your security guard tour system.

Our highly trained team of security systems maintenance specialist are always there at your disposal to offer swift response whenever there is a need for repair, maintenance or faulty component replacement.
In an event of an unexpected system malfunction or failure, our goal is to always minimize downtime in between checks or repairs.

For your convenience, the scheduling of your guard tour system maintenance can be done through our hotline at +6581822236.

Importance of a Scheduled Maintenance

Just like a car which requires periodic maintenance such as engine oil changes and performance checks after a period of prolonged use, an integrated security guard patrol system more often than not requires a scheduled maintenance to ensure that it performs the way it should.

Depending on the scope and size of your security guard system implementation, it is recommended that your maintenance staff or patrolling guards conduct a weekly or monthly system testing to check that the electronics hardware and software are operational in normal working order.

If you own an existing security system, any signs or elements of the system components being out of specification should be recorded down and reported to us to make the necessary fine tuning or repair.

During the maintenance of the guard patrol system, we will first diagnose whether the problem is operational, electronic or IT related. From there we will recommend the necessary adjustment or replacement needed with the objective to ensure that your security system performs in a way that is aligned with your organization’s security operational needs and demands.

Obsolescence & Regulation Compliance

Security systems are notorious for their short life cycle. However, having a regularly scheduled guard patrol maintenance helps to ensure that security systems in the company are always up to date with the latest technology in the industry and compliant with the dynamic nature of security policies and regulations.

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