Guard Tour Management System

Guard Tour Management System is gaining popularity among security services companies in Singapore in recent years due to the need for an electronic guard tour system technology solution to more effectively control and manage manpower resources. It is an easy to use management system that will significantly be able to help improve the way you manage and implement your guard tour patrols in their different customer guarding work site.

Key Functions of Guard Tour Management System

A security guard tour service operations typically involve the security guard moving through, in, and around a building facility to make observations and visual read of the surroundings, as well as provide a security presence with the ultimate goal of establishing a safe and secure access environment for all in the facility.
Some of the core basic objectives of a security guard tour operation in which the patrol management system hardware product is used for includes

1. Ensure Protection of life safety of people personnel
2. Support the safe guarding needs of Property and Assets

3. Constant observation to check on the Security situation of the premises, with intent to facilitate early threat detection and identification of any breach of security

4. Projection of Security Presence for Crime Deterrence and Prevention (eg. illegal parking of visitor vehicle)
5. To offer a reliable means to track and record key points concerning the scanning of the checkpoint tag during each patrol duty carried out. This includes for example sequence of the security guard checkpoint being scanned, time and date of the scanning, any missed checkpoints, and occurrence of any security events (eg. sabotage of RFID/NFC checkpoint tags, illegitimate intrusion).
6. Ensuring a smooth human traffic flow during an emergency evacuation (such as power outage, an outbreak of fire).


Guard Tour Management System

1. Guard Tour Patrol System

2. Security Guard Checkpoint System

2. Security Guard Checkpoint System

3. Guard Patrol Monitoring Systems

3. Guard Patrol Monitoring Systems

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1. Efficiently Manage Multiple Security Teams, Multiple Locations

1. Manage Multiple Security Teams & Locations

Have Multiple remote client guard site to manage? No problem, with a guard tour system You Can Efficiently Manage Your Guards.

2. Accountability & Demonstration of Compliance

2. Accountability & Demonstration of Compliance

Reliable Automated Guard Tour Tracking Documentation and Reporting

3. Relieve Security Services Management from Time-consuming Administrative Task

3. Relieve Security Services Management from Time-consuming Administrative Task

Relieve Your Security Management from Time Consuming Daily Reporting

4. User-friendly & Quick Deployment

4. User-friendly & Quick Deployment

Reliable Automated Guard Tour Tracking Documentation and Reporting

Why Use the Guard Tour Patrol System?

1. Detection of Criminal or illegitimate Activity

Having a guard patrol system to enforce the guard tour inspection duties by the security guards enables you to have the capability for early detection of any security discrepancy, or any unsafe situation where there is a breach of security code that may disrupt the standard safety practices. Examples of such violation include illegal forced entry, burglary, unauthorized parking problems, and suspicious loitering.

2. Facility Inspection

A Guard patrol system can enable you to make possible an effective execution of security guard patrol operations, where it includes the identifying and reporting of potentially dangerous breach of security. These may include any new incidents that might endanger the life safety of anyone in the proximity or expose your client to any unnecessary safety threat, such as Chemical spills, faulty safety rails, unhygienic conditions, Pipe leakage, In addition, a guard patrol system can be used to enforce the checking of existing physical security installations at a specific point in the property to ensure that they are not abused and are functioning properly. Examples such Mechanical security hardware includes, like CCTV video camera surveillance systems, lightings, high-security Door Locks, Security Gates, IR sensors cameras etc.

3. Tailored End-to-End solutions

We offer an in-depth, more strategic relationship as your security systems integrator. Instead of simply providing you with the system hardware, we will work with you to really understand your specific requirements and security objectives to develop a tailored and fully integrated security platform by using the most appropriate, cost effective technology application. According to your end user technical requirements, and performance criteria, we will support you to assess the right technology to incorporate into the system.

How Does Guard Tour Management System Work?

1. During initial setup, NFC/RFID tag checkpoint stations which are pre-encoded with a unique Identification code, are installed at various assigned assets located along the guard patrol route.
2. As the security officer commence the guard tour patrol, the officer will scan the NFC/RFID checkpoint with the guard tour data logger.
Each scanning is done between a checkpoint and a guard tour wand will create a log data which includes information such as time of arrival at clocking point, date and the security guard’s position at that point in time.
3. As the security officer continues on along the patrol path and goes on to scan other checkpoints, the collection of scanning data recorded will serve as a demonstration of whether the patrol has been carried out properly.

Features & Benefits of Guard Tour Management System

1. Manage Multiple Security Teams & Locations

1. Efficiently & Concurrently Manage Multiple Security Guard Teams & Multiple Client Locations

Typically in any guard management setup, there will be multiple teams of security guard officers to manage, with each situated at each of the client facility guard site. These can range from diverse locations ranging from private residential areas to remote industrial warehouse, car parks, to even a geographically wide area in the city.

Streamline Guard Tour Management Workflow

The use of a Guard tour monitoring system solutions gives you a way to efficiently manage and monitor your teams of security guards in multiple guard site location in real-time without distracting yourself from your business priorities. Without a guard patrol monitoring system products, there can be serious inefficiencies in team operations, such as

1. The constant back and forth communication and coordination on the mobile phone, which can be time-consuming and sometimes confusing due to conflicting information or time sensitive nature of the security event situation.
2. Accumulation of daily paper notes, which are often marred by problems of data inaccuracies and illegible handwriting. There will also be no need for USB sticks for manual report data transfers.
3. Inefficient daily service status update meeting with the security guards which are Time consuming and does not give the full picture on the guard tour situation.
2. Reduce Unproductive Administrative Task

2. Relieve Security Services Management from Time-consuming Administrative Task

A RFID guard tour system is a set of productivity tool which offers you management efficiency and minimizes workload. Maximize business productivity by keeping administrative work time to a minimum and increasing workflow efficiency. With the process automation provided by the electronic guard patrol system (int link: Electronic Guard Tour System), it provides you the opportunity to focus your energy on higher-ROI task such as 1. Focusing on adding value and meet promised services to clients 2. Dealing with clients services, such as Customization and perhaps technical complaints of guard tour not performing as expected.

3. Accountability & Demonstration of Compliance

3. Improve Guard Patrol Reporting Accountability & Demonstration of Compliance

Improve Reporting Workflow

Customizable Report and forms generation feature of the guard tour software allows you to improve reporting workflow and helps you and your security supervisors to effectively manage compliance in your security patrol operations.

Accountability with Stake Holders

Reporting features allow you to Gather relevant Key performance indicators (KPI) so that you can easily demonstrate service delivery to clients and stake holders. It also allows you to readily share mission critical security information with decision-makers & responders to make informed decisions.

Proof of Presence

The integrated data logging and report generation functionality of a real time guard tour system (int link: Real Time Guard Tour System) allows you to enforce a good habit of systematically documenting all guard tour related information right away without delay.
This helps to provide stake holders a proof of patrol being carried out at a specific time and location. When needed, this security report can also be used for Legal and insurance claims purposes.
Remember that, in the eyes of your security services clients, if a guard tour event is not documented, it is equivalent to as if it did not happen in the first place.

4. User-friendly & Quick Deployment

4. User-friendly & Quick Deployment for Easy Setup

The security guard clocking system (int link: Security Guard Clocking System) is simple to use, easy to understand and can be deployed with minimal training to offices of all capabilities. To operate the guard tour system, the security officer simply scans the guard tour reader to the checkpoint station tag to records information of the patrol, such as the location of the patrol, staff personnel carrying out the patrol, at which stations and the time and the date of patrol.

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