Guard Tour System Management Software

Guard tour management software allows security managers to be constantly updated on the operation status of their guard patrol system. It is important to keep in mind that purpose of the guard patrol management software is not just to monitor guard activities for accountability, but more importantly, is to increase the overall security level for your organization

As a security professional in Singapore, juggling between the myriad of different task and keeping on top of things can be a constant challenge.
Daily task and responsibilities of a security manager typically consist of task such as
– Setup and monitoring on ongoing operations support and service delivery
– Periodic preventive maintenance & checking of equipment and systems asset serviceability
– Securing premises thereby preventing intrusion
– Loss prevent and asset protection
– Scheduling patrol shifts and allocating manpower
– Report generation
– Meetings with stakeholders

Types of Guard Tour Software Modules Available

Security Patrol Software

Patrol Route Planning

Smart, intuitive software tool to strategic and accurate tour route management and tracking of checkpoints placements.

Patrol Scheduling Software

Shift Scheduling

Optimize your Security guard schedule management to adapt to the dynamic nature of your security guards availability. No more schedule conflict or overlapping shifts.

Patrol Monitoring Software

Patrol Monitoring Software

Track your officer’s patrol activities and real-time location with our patrol monitoring software for maximum situational awareness and speed of response to security emergencies.

Patrol Reporting Software

Activities & Incident Reporting

Web-based Security officer reporting software interface enables speed and accuracy of information delivery to stakeholders.

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Features & Benefits

1. Increase Productivity

2. Improved Patrol Accountability & Verification

3. Real time Guard Tour Intelligence

3. Real time intelligence

4. Guard Tour Scheduling Automation

4. Guard Tour Scheduling Automation

5. Sophisticated & Automated Guard Tour Reporting

5. Sophisticated & Automated Guard Tour Reporting

6. Layer Security for User Management

6. Layer Security for User Management

Why use Guard Tour Management Software

1. Increase Personnel Productivity

1. Increase Security Guard Personnel Productivity

– Manage your workflow efficiency through process automation
– Allows you to focus on activities that are truly important to your business, such as getting new clients
– Helps to maximize proactive prevention of any costly security lapse from happening and minimize workload for greater productivity
– Budget Control – Track hours and keep staffing cost down through better manpower resource allocation and budget management control
2. Improved Patrol Accountability & Verification

2. Improved Guard Tour Accountability & Validation

– Accurately verify that every guard tour patrol is carried out as instructed. Any missed checkpoints during the patrols will be identified. The ability of the system to represent a proof of presence at each guard tour checkpoint provides greater accountability
– Relieve officers from unproductive and time-consuming administrative task
– User-friendly software dashboard helps you to manage concurrently multiple guard personnel, in different remote territories in real-time
– Ability to send SOS distress alerts allows your security guard officers to take immediate corrective action during urgent emergency situations that require immediate on site response.
3. Real Time Situational Intelligence

3. Real time Guard Tour Situational Intelligence

– A real time reporting guard tour management software solution eliminates the need for time-consuming manual administrative tasks such as manual paper filling of log documents or need for repeated phone calls. With a real time system, you are able to know exactly when and where is your security guards position in real-time and increase the overall security situational awareness in your organization.
– Our guard tour patrol software allows you to logically compile, tabulate and intuitively make sense of guard tour data gathered from the handheld patrol data collector. This provides valuable actionable insights so that your organization can make a strategic informed decision to optimize the performance of your security patrol operations.
4. Guard Tour Scheduling Automation

4. Guard Tour Patrol Scheduling Automation

– Using our software smart scheduling capabilities, you can reduce your staff work load and optimize your manpower resource allocation for maximum coverage. This is especially useful if you have a limited number of guards available in your team, and if the premises you are managing is very large.
– The system is also able to keep track of the time worked by the guard personnel, allowing you to manage man hour budget.
5. Sophisticated & Automated Guard Tour Reporting

5. Comprehensive, Sophisticated & Automated Security Guard Patrol Reporting

– Proper documentation is crucial for the traceability and accountability in any organization.
With our software, you will be able to auto generate custom report quickly from the history log of the guard’s GPS coordinates recorded. Information presented in the report includes

— Scheduled routes Completed
— Hours spent on the patrol
— incidents reported by guards

– Our reports formats are designed to present color coded data so that at one glance, any abnormality such as missed check-points, or irregularities in the patrol time interval between check points are easily identified.
– For your convenience, the software have export capabilities (eg. PDF, Excel format)
– The Security analysis and statistical data recorded in the system can be used to increase efficiency, accountability, profitability
6. Layer Security for User Management

6. Layered Security Access for Guard Tour Software User Management

– Different level of information access permission and rights can be configured for different user profile, such as Administrator, 3rd party contractors, clients, guards.
This customizable hierarchical access permission settings for each user ensures staff sees only guard tour information that they only need to see and prevent unauthorized modification of guard tour patrol data collected to ensure its integrity.

Types of Guard tour management software we offer

Web-base/ Cloud base Patrol Software

— SQL server database
— Remote data transfer

Stand-alone Patrol Software Unit

– LAN – data transmitted via LAN wire
– Web-based – data transmitted via internet connection