Integrated Guard Patrol System 

An integrated Guard Patrol System is achieved by integration of the overlapping physical components and overlapping functions of the other preexisting security systems already installed.
In contrast to security operations with multiple individual disconnected subsystems, an integrated security system offers better synergy between the different subsystems and helps to counter the problem of obsolesce in the long run.

To achieve a full and total integration of your guard tour patrol system, it can be largely achieved through the following methods:
1- Integration of different security system hardware manufacturer brands and models
2- Integration of the control platform standard to achieve centralized monitoring

Key factors to consider includes:

1. Projected Useful Life Cycle of Legacy System

Technology trends influence the future relevancy and availability of support for any particular technology currently adopted. Care has to be taken to avoid continued usage of technology which is expected to be obsolete in the coming years.


2. Technological Development Tends in the Security Industry

In the years to come, we can expect security systems to incorporate more elements of PLC programmability and Edge device concept where various future security systems are able to be totally integrated via a common Ethernet architecture.


3. Cost

This includes the Projected long-term cost of ownership and maintenance as well as the Cost of initial implementation.


4. Scalability

The Ability of hardware and security system to scaling up as the organization grows and expands is important.
Presently most Security systems hardware manufacturers produce different configurations of security systems to specifically serve each of the different market growth segment, ranging from small systems to large systems.
The problems observed in most clients is that largely most of the systems are not able to migrate to the next.
In the event that the client outgrew the system in the years to come, the client would have no choice but to abandon almost all of the investment made previously and purchase a new system. Often the reliability of a security system a lot depends on the experience of the integrator and the choice of hardware that was selected.

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Benefits of an Integrated Guard Tour System

1. Unsurpassed Situational Awareness

In addition, the integration provides security management with security intelligence about an ongoing security event or trend in a manner that is coherent and timely.
By having an integrated systems, alarm alerts can be dynamically updated base on the evolving status of the security event or suspicious activity encountered during the patrol duty.


2. Reduced Maintenance Cost

An integrated implementation of the guard tour system is often achieved through the clever and careful combination of a common and less sophisticated technology across the entire platform. The simple yet refined nature of the system design often leads to lower maintenance cost in the long term.
Security systems are notoriously short-lived and typically are expected to last slightly less than 7 years, whereas, in contrast, most building systems are designed and expected to last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. Often this is due to manufacturers designing the hardware with inbuilt obsolesce.
However, with proper system design by our experienced team of security specialist, a well-integrated guard tour system should last 10 to 15 years after each major architectural upgrade

System integration is more than a technical challenge, but often involves in-depth investigation, exploration and in many cases, questioning the hardware capabilities and limitations claimed by manufacturers.

At DR Security Systems, our systems designers knows how to integrate your security systems into a unified and comprehensive functioning system that best serves your organization unique security needs

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