JWM Guard Tour System

JWM Guard Tour System is the simple way for your security operations and personnel management, to be more systematic. Are you keen on making sure that everything goes by the book? Do you see to it that basic safety standards are followed so that your employees and customers know they’re in good hands? Whatever field you’re in, safety must always be among your top priorities.
How does it work and why should you use it? Read further to find out more.

Our Services

Physical Security System integration

1. Security System Integration

Already have an existing security system such access control system installed? No problem, our team of security professional will be there to ensure that your JWM guard tour management system is integrated with your legacy systems to deliver a cost effective implementation.

Physical Security Software Development

2. Software Development & Integration

Need an integrated dashboard to manage your JWM guard tour management system together with your existing security systems? We offer customized security software with fast turnaround time and allow for minor fine tuning as your security needs and organizational workflow evolves over time.

Physical Security System Installation

3. Guard Patrol System Installation

Our team of friendly installers will be there on-site to help you to implement the JWM patrol management system from the initial docking station setup, software configuration, mounting of checkpoints to final functional checks.

Features & Benefits

Monitor Guard Activities

Know exactly where your guards are, at what time they check-in at each of the checkpoint. Monitor and manage remotely anywhere anytime

Guard against Trespassing

Especially for sensitive areas such as Hospitals, Residential area, and Schools, unauthorized trespassing can pose a very real security threat. With JWM guard tour system, you can be assured any attempts at trespassing will be deterred.

Defend against Theft

Theft can happen when you least expect it. With guard patrol on the facilities, it gives you an added layer of safe guard against your assets.

Enforce Regular Monitoring Task

JWM Patrol monitoring system is versatile and can be used for managing staff activities beyond just enforcing security. It can be used for monitoring routine equipment checking by field engineers to ensure serviceability.

Benefits of Implementing JWM Guard Tour System


1. Monitor Guards and Other Co-workers Easily

During busy days, it’s hard for you to see all your staff in different places at the same time. You might even wonder, are they where they’re supposed to be? Are they actively on patrol?
JWM Guard Tour System saves you from such worries because it has a reader that instantly identifies your guards’ IDs, and automatically uploads the recorded checkpoint files to the main control center. With it, you are constantly updated on guard tour operations, without losing focus on your business productivity.

2. Catch Theft Incidents in Action

In large establishments, conventional guard management is not enough to ensure everyone’s safety. As a matter of fact, storage facilities with sensitive or valuable goods, like drug stores and data centers, are usually prime targets of theft by both external intruders and internal employees alike.
So, JWM Guard Tour System serves as your extra set of eyes, that’s always on the lookout for malicious acts, especially when you least expect them.

3. Prevent Trespassing

Do you have top-secret projects for your company? What if you’re planning on using a different social media platform for your next marketing strategy? Such information is classified under Intellectual Property (IP) that your competitors should never know. However, buildings are always easy targets for unauthorized intruders.
By installing a JWM Guard Tour System, you quickly notice if those who go in and out of your office are subject to corporate espionage. It’s also valuable in terms of evaluating structural integrity because it lets you…

4. Determine Equipment Serviceability

Whether you’re in a hotel, mall, factory, car park or amusement park, you should be aware if all your equipment is in normal working conditions, because some common accidents happen by the time they malfunction.
Through JWM Guard Tour System, it serves as a means to enforce you spot the monitoring of devices that need regular preventive maintenance and checks such as; pipe leakage, fire extinguisher pressure levels, etc.
In fact, this preventive approach to equipment maintenance guides you in addressing potential health hazards before they even cause extreme harm.

Take Your Safety & Security to the Next Level

The safety and security of your organization are always a serious matter. Protect your people, protect your premises and assets today by giving it the attention it deserves. By doing so, not only are you protecting your organization from any potential financial losses, you are also safeguarding your business investments and public reputation that took you years to build.

Leverage on our team of trusted and dependable security professionals today for the best-in-class guard tour system implementation.
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