RFID Guard Tour System,  Advanced

● 4-in-1 Multi-Functional Design – Apart from being a RFID guard tour reader, it has a built-in internal Thermometer, LED Flashlight and Digital Compass integrated into one single device.
● Features a Self-illuminated LCD display for showing Time, Temperature and Direction during Patrol
● Secure Non-Volatile Storage Memory with low power data protection. It has a capacity to store a minimum of 60’000 RFID checkpoint data readings.
● Certified and rated IP67 standard. This means that it is water and dust resistant to operate in harsh outdoor conditions, which is exposed to rain, and sun heat.
● Includes 1 x Touch Probe Reader, 1 x USB Data Cable, 1 x AC Charge, RFID Checkpoint Tags
Handheld Guard Tour Reader
Wireless Data Transfer
• Operate via RFID 125KHz and 2.4G wireless data transmission standard for a convenient and contactless inductive data transfer.
  This means that the reader is able to inductively read both at a Long range the 2.4G card and at normal range, the 125khz RFID checkpoint tag.
• Contactless nature of the Wireless Data transfer means that there is no worry of unreliable download of checkpoint tag data captured due to wear and tear damage to the USB connection over time.


• The WM-5000V8 has an ergonomically designed and Ruggedized Metal Body with 3 inner layers of protection to protect inner components from intentional sabotage abuse by security officers trying to defeat the system.
Shock absorbing Silicon inner layer is used to help protect the device against external Drop impact force, Electrical shock and Water submersion.
• High Capacity Rechargeable Battery for prolonged useful operation period between each charge.


Secure Data Capture & Storage
• Non-Volatile Flash storage with large capacity for storing a minimum of 60’000 patrol scanning data
• Power off protection
Guard Tour Management Software
• Allows you to Accurately and Reliably generate Daily Activity Report of patrol operations carried out by Security Guard.
• Automatically highlight incidents of non-compliance detected in the patrol data by the guard tour software.
This includes Reading of RFID checkpoints in the wrong sequence order, Skipped checkpoints that were not read, Early or late arrival of the security guards at the checkpoints.
• Ensures that there is a proper documentation of patrol activities carried out to measure the performance of security officers and help to demonstrate service delivery to stakeholders.

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RFID Guard Tour System, TC-5000V8 

Designed For A Multi-Functional Reliability 


 Allows the security officer to have the ability to log and keep track of the temperature of a particular location during the patrol.


Allows the officer to orientate himself during large guard premises. Ensuring that the guard does not get lost and work in the wrong guard route.


The built-in torch can shine up to a distance of 20 to 30 m. This help officer to find obscure RFID checkpoints, especially during night patrol when the visibility is poor.
Having such an integrated and multi-functional guard tour reader unit means that officers no longer have to carry any additional items such as the flashlight.
• Innovative and Sleek design which is also Easy to operation

A Reliable Guard Tour System That Just Works!

JWM WM-5000V8 Singapore

1. Multi-Functional Design

The WM-5000V8 guard tour reader is more than just a guard tour reader. It has an intelligently designed 4-in-1 built-in functionality, and can also be used as a Thermometer, Compass, Clock and a Torch.

2. Intelligent Docking Download Station

2. Intelligent Docking Download Station

As your security guard operation grows, you get to enjoy the option of adding on additional guard tour readers, checkpoint buttons, and accessories where needed to meet your security operational requirements.

3. Customizable LCD Display Interface

3. Customizable LCD Display Interface

The LCD display interface can be customized based on your security operational needs and preferences.
It allows critical important information, such as Time, Temperature and Direction to be visibly displayed.

4. Superior Built & Military Grade Material

4. Superior Built & Military Grade Material

During the day of installation, our team of technicians will ensure that the guard tour software is pre-configured to work with the guard tour reader hardware.

5. Water Proof & Dust Resistant

5. Water Proof & Dust Resistant

Our guard tour reader has a minimalistic design with no complicated buttons or download station. This makes it very easy to operate especially for new staff who are not tech savvy. During the patrol, the security officer simply has to scan the checkpoints with the guard tour reader. At the end of the day, the patrol data can simply be downloaded into the computer for processing via a data transfer cable.

6. Efficient Management of Patrol Operations

6. Efficient Management of Patrol Operations

In just one single charge, the built in battery is able to provide the guard tour data reader is able to perform over 150,000 checkpoint reading. Super long standby, Beyond your imagination.

7. Long Lasting Battery Life

7. Long Lasting Battery Life

Vanguard 8 uses a high-capacity battery (rated at 1150 mAh) and has a low power consumption design. This helps to guarantee an enduring performance.
In one single fully charged battery, the guard tour reader can

• Operate for a minimum of 26 days continuously and capture 500 checkpoints reading daily
• If the Torchlight is operated for 2 hours per day, it can operate for a minimum of 4 days and capture 500 checkpoint reading daily
Function:     RFID + 2.4G inductive reader, Thermometer, Compass, LED Torch
Material:     Metal Outer Body Casing with Protective Silicon inner layer
Dimension:  148mm x 42mm x 34mm
Weight:       243g
Color:          Grey, Blue
IP Rate:       IP67
Operating Temperature:    -40℃ ~ +85℃
Reading Operation Mode:   RFID 125 KHz,  Reading distance 3cm – 5cm
Communication:   WM-5000T8 Download Station
                                 (uses a 2.4G Wireless transmission for a convenient & contactless Data Transfer)
Battery:    3.7V/ 1150mAh Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Standby time:
1. if 500 readings per day with 2.5 hours flashlight on, the device can be used for 26 days.
2. if 500 readings per day, can be used for 26 days.
Data Storage Capacity:  16Mb flash, Capable of storing 60,000 data records
Visual Prompt:  Vibration with Colorful LED light. Red, Green, Blue, White
Safety Certification:  FCC, CE, ROHS
Tag ID number:
1. 10-bit Hexadecimal no. in the reader (5 bytes ),  10-bit decimal no. in software.
2. Can be expanded to a 10-bit Hexadecimal number ( 5 bytes ).
Guard ID tag                      36mm*28mm*6mm,  3.8g
Round checkpoint tag     Ф30mm*4mm,  2.8g
Cylinder Glass Tag           Ф6.6mm×27.7 mm,  1.7g
Noctilucent Checkpoint  76mm*56mm*10mm, 19g
Orange Checkpoint        76mm*56mm*10mm, 19g
Event Wallet
Guard Tour Management Software
• Three Types:     Stand alone/ BS/ CS
• Multi-language:   English, Spanish, Russian, French, Portuguese, Thai
• Tailor-made software according to customer’s specific needs


System Components
1. WM-5000V8 Reader Device
2. WM-5000T8 Download Station
3. Guard ID tag (RFID)
4. USB Data Transfer cable with slide-in Connector
5. AC Charger
6. Guard Tour Software CD
7. RFID Checkpoint Tags
Orange checkpoint Tag
Cylinder Glass Tag
Round Black Tag
8. Holster
9. Event wallet (Optional Accessories)


RFID Checkpoint Tags
Can be used in any severe outdoor environment or under harsh abusive usage condition
Working useful life     > 20 years
RFID Transmission frequency 125Khz


Event Wallet
Event wallet is designed to hold the signal cards (RFID tags) that have been pre-identified the number of the cards by the reader first, and then name those cards by different events which usually happens during the patrol at certain checkpoints(for example, like door open, power off, etc.) by the software.


Guard Tour Software
Type:  Desk Version, Client Server version, Browser Server version.
Multi-language, complete patrol setup, humanized patrol schedule, perfect patrol report with various statistical analysis.


Guard tour patrol management and control
Management and Monitoring of hotel room cleaning task carried out in the hospitality industry

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