Lone Worker Monitoring Systems

Lone worker monitoring systems is a means for supervising managers to indirectly monitor and ensure the safety well-being of their lone workers when carrying out their work duties on site. In many ways, the implementation of an effective safety monitoring system is the key to enhancing your organizations’ overall safety standards and emergency response capabilities.

Major workplace injury risk factors that lone worker faces daily

Below are some of the more common workplace injury, some of which has often been featured in the news headlines in Singapore
1. Fall from high heights
2. Physical and Verbal abuse
3. Exposure to chemical which is corrosive, explosive, volatile, poisonous or carcinogenic in nature
4. Accidents due to operation of heavy machinery
5. Lightning Strikes
6. Slip due to a wet work environment
7. Relapse of medical pre-condition, such as stroke, heart attack

How is A Lone Worker Monitoring System not replaceable by Cell phone

One of the often heard misconceptions about lone worker monitoring system is that a cell phone can simply address the communication needs of a lone worker in event of an emergency. This is definitely not possible replacement option because, in an actual scenario of a lone worker facing a high-risk emergency, he or she is probably having difficulty even reaching for the phone to call. In most case, as mentioned in the list of possible work injuries, he could actually be unconscious due to a sudden stroke or heart attack or may be physically attacked by an aggressor.
With a lone worker monitoring system, a dedicated device with a simple one-step press of an SOS button can provide a means to immediately notify the security command center of the emergency. In-addition, in cases where the lone worker is unconscious and physically incapable of making the call, a man-down detection capability kicks in automatically to send out an emergency distress signal to call for medical assistance.
In an unfortunate event that a workers is faced with a medical emergency or workplace injury or accident, a lone worker monitoring system can literally be their only lifeline. It can possible be the lone worker’s only way to send out a distress signal to receive immediate medical response and attention. To a large extent, the efficiency and speed of response made possible by a lone worker monitoring system can make a difference between life and death.

Benefits of Lone Worker Monitoring System

1. Medical Response

Increase effectiveness of your organizations’ speed of emergency response in event of a workplace accident

2. Reduce Fatalities

Greatly reduce the probability of any workplace fatalities, Increase survival rate of workers in an event of an accident

3. Compatible with Multiple Tracking technologies

Takes advantage of a hybrid combination of multiple location technologies, such as Satellite GPS positioning, Cellular GPRS, UHF RFID and Wifi

4. Measurable ROI on safety monitoring investments

The data captured from the lone worker monitoring system can be a source of reliable performance metric to track the accident rates over a long period of time.
This can serve to monitor accident trends and allocate resources to address any workplace safety issues.


Features & functionality of Lone Worker Monitoring System

1. GSM, GPRS Cellular communications

Allows for a wide signal coverage to ensure connectivity between the transmission device and the monitoring supervisor.

2. GPS satellite positioning

For accurate monitoring of employee position in an outdoor environment.

3. Indoor Beacon Positioning system

Suitable for monitoring employee locations in large indoor facilities. It has ability to send immediate SOS alerts back to the monitoring center.

4. No-motion detection

In cases where it is detected that there is an unusually long period of immobility detected, a distress alarm will be automatically triggered to alert the supervisor of a man-down incidents. This allows for a faster medical emergency response, which could be a matter of life and death for the personnel

5. Visual and Audible Alarm

A visually and auditory noticeable alarm helps rescuers to search and locate the injured worker faster

6. Web-based Monitoring platform

Allows convenient accessibility to worker status monitoring via any internet connected device.

Applications of Lone Worker Monitoring Systems

For monitoring of workers who work completely alone in an environment which is exposed to hazardous risk factors.
Below are the types of lone workers that the lone worker monitoring system protects.

1. For Lone Workers who deals with members of Public

Front desk service staff who are required to interact with members of the public on a daily basis as part of their job function are often exposed to the risk of verbal abuse. In more serious cases, there could be an incidence where the lone worker are confronted with members of the public who are physically aggressive or confrontational.
In such cases, a lone worker monitoring system can assist by enabling the worker to discretely raise a distress notification to request for assistance by their co-workers.
Examples of lone workers who can benefit from such safety monitoring systems includes
1. Delivery workers
2. Health visitor
3. Salesman- can record incidents of verbal abuse to protect employees

2. For Lone Mobile Workers

For Workers who are always on the move and work in a remote location geographically far from their man offices.
Examples of Lone Mobile Workers includes:
1. Maintenance engineers – could be exposed to high voltage situations
2. Repair Technicians – where their line of work requires them to cover multiple site location, engaging in repair work which is dealing with dangerous heavy machinery.
3. Transportation drivers – Especially where the transport route is long, fatigue can easily set in the driver during the driving and result in a traffic accident. A safety monitoring system ensures that any emergency is promptly detected and responded to with no delay.

3. For Fixed Site Lone Workers

Workers could be exposed to injury risk factors, such as injury from the operation of heavy machinery, trip and fall from high heights.
In such cases, a man-down detection capability would be critical to detect an occurrence of such accidents.
Examples of Fixed Site lone Workers includes:
1. Construction site workers – a construction worker could be facing safety hazards, such as falling from high scaffoldings, injury from use of heavy machinery. A lone worker monitoring system helps to ensure any injury that occurs is detected and responded to immediately
2. Office Lone workers – although office seem to be a perfectly safe environment, there are inherent risk just by working alone, especially when it is at night, where there is no easy to reach out to another co-worker for support, the need arise, such as a medical emergency like a sudden heart attach or stroke, where the lone worker could potentially be immobile.
3. Emergency responders, such as Fireman – During rescue operations, Fireman could be trapped in a burning building while being away from the team
4. Laboratory worker – They could be working alone for extended periods of time in a protected environment that cannot be seen or heard by colleagues.
5. Security Guards – guard patrol duties are mostly lone working in nature. They are also subjected to risk and threats of attack by trespassers and intruders

4. Hazardous Work Environment

Examples of work environments in Singapore that uses lone worker monitoring includes
1. Indoor Building Monitoring
– Manufacturing Plant shop floor
– Oil refinery plant
– Power generation plant
– Sewage treatment plant
2. Outdoor Area Monitoring
3. Remote Monitoring, where the worker to be monitored is far from the security command center
4. Driving Movement Monitoring


Factors to consider when implementing a suitable Lone Worker Monitoring System

The following are some of the possible risk factors that have to be reviewed to ensure the safety of your workers
1. What are the Risk Factors and Security threats faced by worker in event of a security threat
2. What fraction of the daily work time is the worker in a completely alone situation?
Can the work duration result in incidences of high-stress situation and fatigue?
3. Does the worker have any pre-existing medical conditions, such as a history of heart attack or stroke?
4. is the work environment an indoor or outdoor, dense urban environment or remote rural area?
5. Do you need real-time monitoring capabilities to track your worker’s movement and location?
6. What is the speed of respond needed, from the time of detection of the man-down incident to successfully locating and rendering medical assistance to the worker in order to ensure this survivability?


System Integration

Already have an existing security system or solutions installed? Keen to find out how you can integrated the functions of your lone worker monitoring system with your existing systems? Our team of experienced security professional are here to ensure that your lone worker monitoring system is integrated with your legacy systems to ensure a cost effective implementation and at the same time maximize your workplace safety protect your worker’s .

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Physical Security System integration

1. Security System Integration

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Physical Security Software Development

2. Software Development & Integration

Need an integrated dashboard to manage your Lone Worker Monitoring System together with your existing security systems? We offer customized security software with fast turnaround time and allow for minor fine tuning as your security needs and organizational workflow evolves over time.

Physical Security System Installation

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Our team of friendly installers will be there on-site to help you to implement the Lone Worker Monitoring System from the initial docking station setup, software configuration, mounting of checkpoints to final functional checks.

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