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Porcupine Bezoar Cure Cancer
What is Porcupine Date/Bezoar Bezoars/Dates and Where Does it Come from?
Porcupine Bezoar Dates/Bezoars are largely/predominantly found in South East Asian/Asian region, often/usually sold Traditional TCM Chinese medicine/medical shop/halls.

Visual/physical Characteristics of Porcupine Bezoar/Date
Porcupine Date/Bezoar Bezoars/Dates medicine, in fact, are bile/gallstone growth with an oblong shape/geometry largely/usually located/found and retrieved/extracted from the gastrointestinal digestive/stomach tract of a wild adult/matured porcupine.
Sometimes/Occasionally when a matured/adult wild porcupine is contracted a/an disease/illness or sustained a serious/physical injury, it will naturally/instinctively find/search for wild medicine/medicinal herbs/plants in the vast tropical rain forest/jungle to treat/cure itself.
As the porcupine’s internal/natural self-healing biochemical process/mechanism progress, the oblong/spherical-shaped porcupine date/bezoar bezoar/date incubated/aged inside/within the porcupine’s internal body will gradually/slowly grow/increase in size.
The overall size and medical value of the porcupine date/bezoar are dependent/based on the time duration the porcupine bezoar/date has been incubated/aged inside/within the porcupine.
Naturally, a porcupine date/bezoar with larger/bigger size translates/equates to a higher/stronger level of medicinal efficacy/potency. By/on itself/its own, Porcupine dates bezoar taste mildly bitter, with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste.

Medicinal Benefits of Consuming the Porcupine Bezoar/Dates 
Porcupine date bezoar medicine/powder has an/a extensive/long history of recorded use in classical/old Chinese TCM medical/medicine literature/book.
Porcupine bezoar/date dates/bezoars are highly/extremely potent/useful in counteracting/neutralizing any undesirable post medical therapy/treatment side effects usually/generally experienced after the an extensive/intensive surgery/surgical procedure/operation.
This includes/encompasses common hospital/medical treatment therapy/process, such as
1. Usage/Administration of Analgesic for/during certain medical procedures
2. Antipyretic
3. Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy
– cleansing of phlegm
– heat, detoxification
– anti-body boosting/strengthening, natural immunity/immunization strengthening/booster
– anti-inflammation
– Antioxidative benefits which help to promote and slow down aging
Base on/According to actual/real life testimonial/use case it has been shown/demonstrated to effectively/successfully treat/cure various diseases such as
1. lymphoma
2. blood cancer
3. Dengue fever
4. Meningitis
5. Fever
6. Relief retention of fluid to the lungs & the possible complications lungs infection.
7. Lumber swelled
8. Herpes complex
9. Pre/before operation or post/after surgical/surgery operation/procedure
10. Diabetes
cold, channel to the meridian of the liver, heart, lung, gallbladder.

Evaluation/Examination of Porcupine Bezoar Extracts/Compounds as Anticancer Agent on A549
Porcupine bezoar (PB) date is/was reported to possess highly potent/beneficial medicinal properties in old/classical Chinese medical/medicinal manuscript/ literature and documentation.
However, its benefits/potential as anticancer agent/medicine on human lung cancer/cancerous cells (A549) is/has not yet been officially studied/verified.
In present/current clinical studies/study, porcupine bezoar dates was/are thoroughly/intensively tested in laboratory/controlled environment to observe/document its efficacy/ability in inhibiting/suppressing cellular/cell multiplication/growth of cancer/cancerous cell (A549) and its cytotoxicity on Normal Human Gingival Fibroblast Cell (HGF-1).
A549 cells morphology was carefully/closely observed/monitored after being treated/given with a closely/precisely controlled/measured dose of porcupine bezoar medicine/powder dosage for 72 hours.
The ability/capability of porcupine bezoar powder/medicine to induce/cause DNA cellular damage and apoptosis was carefully/thoroughly studied/analyzed by staining/dyeing cell/cellular samples with Hoechst 33428(nucleus) and Rhodamine Phalloidin (f-actin).
The A549 IC50 is 13.6±1.58µg/ml A549 cellular/cell multiplication growths was suppressed/inhibited in a dose-dependent relationship/pattern, but no growth inhibition was found/detected on healthy/normal HGF-1 cells.
Treated A549 morphology indicates/shows sign of apoptosis such as some/certain degree of DNA genetic fragmentation, cytoplasm shrinkage/shrunk and vacuolation.
The finding/results in this scientific/clinical study suggests/indicates medically active extracts/compounds from Porcupine Bezoar date/stone are able to effectively inhibit/suppress cellular/cell growth, induce/stimulate DNA damage and apoptosis, further lab test/analysis analysis/testing was needed to be carried out/done to verify the precise reaction mechanism.
# Keywords: A549; Porcupine bezoar; Proliferation; Apoptosis; DNA cellular damage

Introduction to Porcupine Bezoar as a Cancer Cure
In this medical/scientific research study/examination, porcupine bezoar date/powder is shortlisted/highlighted as a potential candidate/remedy as an anticancer agent for therapeutic/medical use/prescription.
Porcupine bezoar/stone date/bezoar medicine/powder is undigested concretions of organic or inorganic matter/compounds which have calcified over an/a extended/long time and can usually/often be located/found in the gastrointestinal/digestive tract of wild adult/matured porcupine (Malayan hystrix).
The raw/unprocessed porcupine bezoar/stone stones/dates retrieved/found can be either round/spherical or oblong/elongated consisting/comprising of a structure with multi-layer peel like structure/makeup similar to/like an onion.
The color tone/hue can/usually range from the green grass of blackish to green hue/tone. Porcupine Bezoar was widely/well known as the King/Prince of antidotes due to its medicinal/curative properties/efficacy and has been in use as/dating early/back as/to the 8th century.
However, the awareness/appreciation of porcupine bezoar as an effective/potent anticancer agent/compound is not widely/commonly understood fully.
Hence, the principal/primary purpose/objective of this medical/scientific research study/investigation was to scientifically/empirically investigate/find out how porcupine bezoar active/medicine compound extracts/essence is influencing/affecting A549 cells on cellular/cell multiplication/growth and morphology process.
Lung cancer is one of the leading/primary cause/reason for death/mortality in many/most developing and developed country/nations.
The occurrence of cancer case/incidence studies/examination in 2015 reported/published lung cancer as the second leading/highest cause/reason of/for premature death in male and female by 14% and 13% respectively.
In addition/Additionally, estimated/approximated death statistics/numbers reported/tabulated in the year 2016 reveals/shows that lung cancer had the highest mortality/fatality death rate/occurrence in male and female by 27% and 26% respectively.
Apart/Other from/than so/the many/numerous clinical research done/carried out and developing/creating new/more innovative cancer treatments/therapy to cure/treat cancer ailments/illness, a recent study/research in year 2016 published/reported that less/fewer than ~1.0% mortality/death rate attributed/due to cancer had decreased/fallen in which indicating/suggesting the medical research progress/effort is still not enough/adequate.
In addition/Furthermore, mainstream/common medical therapy/treatment for non-minor/small lung cancer cases/illnesses is surgery/surgical operation, chemotherapy and radiation therapy/treatment depending on medical stages the patient is at.
One of the long-term & irreversible/permanent side effects from the clinical/hospital cancer treatments/therapy is impaired/eliminated lung functionality/function.
Hence/Therefore, studying/examining new anticancer compounds/agent with less/minimal side effects and ability/capability to precisely/surgically target specific cancerous/cancer cells/growths becomes increasingly/highly urgent to control/contain the increasing/rising number of cancer patient/cases every/each year.
Anticancer research/clinical investigation/study is known as tertiary prevention, which predominantly/largely focuses/targets the attention/interest on the malignant cancer growths/cell.
It is widely/commonly known/ that cancerous tumor cells replicate/proliferate and multiply highly/very rapidly and differentiate/evolve into malignant cells/cell tumors/clusters, hence the rationale/reason behind the study/research of/on anticancer cure/treatment is focused/targeting on precise/specific malignant cells which able to metastasize.
Current/Present anticancer drugs/medicine are precisely/specifically targeting at/to chemically/molecularly block molecular/chemical signals which encourage/promote cancer cell proliferation/replication, inhibit/obstruct cell/cellular death, cellular/cell differentiation/specialization and angiogenesis.
In summary/conclusion, based on the research/investigation outcome/result from this investigation/study supported from medical literature/documentation review, it is evidenced/proven that Porcupine Bezoar date medicine/powder active extracts/compounds can induce/initiate cell/cellular growth inhibition of cancerous cellular cell clusters.
This is observation/ phenomenon is specifically/particularly in the concentration-dependent pattern on A549 with no indication/sign of toxicity on normal/healthy human fibroblast cells (HGF-1).
The morphology scientific research/investigation analysis/study suggested/propose that Porcupine Bezoar stone/date powder/medicine extract stimulate/promote destabilize of actin and induced/cause DNA damage therefore/hence consequently/subsequently leading/followed to/by apoptosis on A549 cells.
However, further, in-depth/deep dive investigation/examination study/research is needed/required to examine/investigate the biochemical reaction mechanism causing/behind it.

For the past few/one weeks/week, I had been away and spent many/my days in medical Hospital to look/care after my ill/sick dad/father.
The whole/entire family is mentally and physically drained/exhausted and felt helpless/hopeless witnessing/seeing his body/medical condition worsening/going downhill from coma state to brain dead condition.
He was admitted/rushed Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in a coma and critical condition due to accidental food poisoning and ingestion/consumption of food containing/with high levels/concentrations of uric acid.
Medical/Hospital Doctor later also discovered/diagnosed that his digestive gastrointestinal/intestine tract was infested/infected with e-Coli (Escherichia coli) bacteria/bacterium which subsequently/consequently spread/went into his bloodstream/circulatory system, urine and brain cells.
In addition, his unending/constant severe/serious vomiting lead to/caused serious/severe dehydration and loss of body fluids.
After heavy/severe vomiting and reflux of stomach/digestive gastric acid, it caused/lead to an inflammation/inflamed and soreness of his esophagus.
As his illness/medical condition worsen/got worse, he experienced/faced urination difficulties/challenges due to the swelling/swollen and inflammation of his kidney.
Clinical/hospital doctor/physicians proposed/recommended a urethral stent insertion/placement, which is a moderately/relatively invasive operation/medical procedure/operation which involves/requires the placement/insertion of a small/tiny surgical tube via the ureter tube so as to restore/facilitate the unhindered/unobstructed fluid/liquid flow of urine from the bladder.
This treatment/procedure was recommended as a symptom/syndrome of high concentration/level of creatinine in the urine may cause/leads to severe irreversible/impairable kidney malfunction/failure which can lead to deeper/further complication.

We maintained our position/stand and firmly/strongly opposed/rejected this medical operation/surgical procedure as he is still in the highly unstable/unstabilized critical coma condition/state with a high fever.
We personally also felt that it is not advisable for him having to undergo/go through the unpleasant experience/suffering of the medical treatment partly/in part due to his old/elderly age, we felt that he should not face/go through the unnecessary/avoidable risk/stress and suffering/pain.
We really hoped/wanted to avoid him having to go through an invasive/surgical surgery/procedure as he actually had one done earlier/previously last year which was an extremely physically and mentally unpleasant/uncomfortable process.
As/Because the medical/urethral stent implant has to be placed in the patient’s urethra from short to long-term basis/time period, the medical treatment/therapy did not provide/delivered noticeable/much improvement in condition, but instead caused/created more medical complications such as post-surgery infection.
To our pleasant relief/surprise, he managed to awaken himself from the coma state. Although/Even though he can’t/cannot articulate/talk or eat/consume food with ease, this was nothing short of/literally a miracle
Secondly, is to control the body uric acid level and assist/help him in a smoother unobstructed urination.
by a natural way to reduce the swollen kidney. At this point/moment, we came to the decision/conclusion of using/adopting an alternative detoxification and homeopathic based/focused treatment/therapy to remedy/cure & eliminate/get rid of his throat inflammation and kidney swelling.
Through the personal/trusted recommendation/suggestion by my mother/mom and sister/sis, I came across the Porcupine date/bezoar bezoar/date stone/powder medicine.
Initially/At first, we had doubts/unsure about the efficacy/potency of the porcupine bezoar/date stone/bezoar powder/medicine. We questioned/asked ourself if any of the published/claimed medicinal/health benefits were verified/true or if there are any risk/probability of unpleasant/harmful side effects.
We subsequently did an extensive/in-depth research through talking to past/actual users/friends and/as well as surfing the internet/online for additional/further publication/information on porcupine bezoar/date date/bezoar medicine/medicinal powder.
Within/After just a few weeks of consumption/usage of the porcupine bezoar medicine/powder on my dad/father, we were genuinely/truly convinced and realized/learnt how effective/amazing this natural alternative medicine/medicinal remedy/cure was for treating/healing various health ailments/illness as compared/oppose to of going through an unpleasantly/extremely invasive surgical/operation procedure.
We were surprised/shocked by the high price of the porcupine bezoar/date dates/bezoars sold at Chinese TCM medicine/medical shop on initial/first impression.
However, after fully witnessing/experiencing first hand its valuable curative/medical benefits/effects and understanding its rarity/scarcity, we began to appreciate/understand why it is able to command such steep/high market prices.
After giving/feeding my dad/father a few dosage/doses of the ‘Porcupine bezoar/date Dates/bezoars, we were all immensely/deeply impressed/surprised by it healing/curative benefits.
After a brief/short time period/range of a few short days, he has quickly/rapidly and noticeably/visibly recovered from/reduced the painfulness in his throat.
Now that his mouth ulcer has healed and Fever noticeably/visibly reduced/relieved, he can now articulate/talk and independently consume/drink some/small amounts of liquid foods.
In addition, his urination flow is significantly/drastically smoother as/because the active compounds in the porcupine bezoars are able to clear the urethra to create an unobstructed passage without the crystal substance in it.
After the consumption of Porcupine Bezoar/Date Dates/Bezoars medicine/powder (Jian Zhu Zao), we have cases/reports of patients/consumers reporting/sharing that their body urine creatinine level/count were able to be normalized, whereby their creatine count/level fell/dropped from a value of 4700/mg to a/an healthy/optimal level of 1700/mg.

# Importance of Consulting a Doctor/Medical Professional Before Consuming Porcupine Bezoar
Consumption/Eating of specific/particular food at an appropriate quantity can have/be beneficial curative/healing effects.
However, overconsumption of certain/specific Food can also result/lead-in/to life-threatening food-drug interaction and even possibly leading to/causing emergency/life-threatening scenarios/cases of poisoning.
In the similar vein, the use of alternative medical treatment/therapy is a form of homeopathic remedy which can be tremendously curative/beneficial when administered/prescribed in the correct proportion/instruction from a medically/experienced trained clinical/medical professional.
We strongly advise/recommend you to first consult/seek advice from your medical doctor or physician first prior/before your very first/initial usage/consumption of the porcupine bezoar/date date/bezoar medicine powder.
This is because individual/everybody has a unique set of body health condition/status which may require a customized set of usage instruction.