Patrol Management System

Patrol Management System is now popularly used by security services companies in Singapore to assist in the management of security guard operations. It is a simple, low cost and reliable patrol management system that is designed to be able to help you conduct your security guard tour job operations in the most effective possible manner. As a result, this guard tour monitoring system helps to strengthen the security Deterrence to enhance protection of assets, building facilities, and life safety of your people.

A security guard patrol operations usually involve the security officer moving through, in, and around client premises to make and record a range of observations at various security guard checkpoints station, as well as to provide a set of reliable security protection measures with the ultimate intent of establishing a secure and safe environment for everyone in the facility.
Some of the most fundamental objectives of the use of a security Guard monitoring system, guard Patrol monitoring system solutions, guard tour reader product, service and include

 1. Support the safe guarding and protect well being of staff personnel, especially in the event of a security incident or case of an emergency occurring.
2. Protection of Facilities, Car vehicle inspections, and tech Assets
3. Assist in evacuation to ensure smooth human traffic flow.
3. Enforcing a Constant state of vigilance and observation paid by guards to act professionally to check on the Security situation of the premises, with intent to point out and identify any situation of security abnormality.
4. Provide reliable Security Deterrence and access control for Prevention of any form of Crime
5. To log and report on information data records of security events and incidents for accountability and proof of presence.
Such security reports can be used as a reliable evidence grade audit trail to assist in legal investigations involving the police force, and allow for its use in audits every year.


1. Tour Patrol Management System

1. Tour Patrol Management System

2. Guard Tour System

2. Guard Tour System

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Patrol Management System

1. Increase Management Efficiency

Maximize Administrative Productivity with Automation of Patrol Management Workflow
2. Efficiently Manage Multiple Security Teams, Multiple Guard Site

2. Efficiently Manage Multiple Security Teams, Multiple Guard Site

Centrally Manage Guard Patrol Shifts for Maximum Efficiency & Control
3. Accountability & Demonstration of Service Delivery (KPI)

3. Accountability & Demonstration of Service Delivery (KPI)

Have a Reliable Documentation Proof of Patrol Duties Carried Out

Why Use the Guard Tour Patrol System?

1. Prevention and Deterrence of Potential Crimes

An effective adoption of a guard patrol system can help to make sure there is an adequate frequency of the guard tour patrols conducted by your security guards. As a result, this can help to project a strong sense of security presence and an image of professionalism in an area that is highly visible to the general public. Projecting this security presence and sense of power on the field can often get any potential criminals to think twice before committing any crime.

2. Customized Total Security Solutions

It is important to note that because the nature of every client site location layout is unique, it is almost always necessary in most cases that there is a need to customize and adapt the design and conducting of guard tour operations in order to fully meet and best serve the unique security needs of the job site or to satisfy the client’s specific request and needs in the best way possible. Because of the above considerations, guard tour customization is highly recommended in order for your patrol operations to be effective.
At DrPatrol, we provide a deeper, more strategic relationship as your security solution provider. In addition to selling you the security patrol device hardware, we work with you to truly understand your specific needs and objectives to develop a completely Customized, fully integrated security solution by integrating the most suitable technology solution.
Based on your physical security protection plan, and design specification, we will help you to determine what is the right key technology to incorporate into the guard tour patrol system.

3. System Integration

To avoid the costly security incidents from disrupting company operations, we offer a broad range of seamlessly integrated guard patrol solutions built with the intent to meet your security needs, such as

1. Protecting the life safety of your staff at the guard site location
2. Safe guarding your assets and facilities
3. Protection of your business bottom line profitability

Our integrated guard patrol management solutions for safe protection of your security includes interoperability with existing Security reporting procedures and physical security systems, such as intrusion detection systems, CCTV camera surveillance system, Biometric and Proximity Access control and more.

How Does Patrol Management System Work?

1. During initial setup, NFC/RFID tag checkpoints which are pre-programmed with a unique ID code, are placed at various designated locations located along the guard tour patrol route.
2. As the security guard starts the guard tour patrol, the officer will scan the NFC/RFID checkpoint button with the guard tour reader.
Each scanning is done between a checkpoint and a guard tour reader will create a log data which includes information such as time of arrival at checkpoint, date and the security officer’s position at that point in time.
3. As the security guard moves on along the patrol route and goes on to scan other checkpoints, the collection of patrol data recorded will serve as a demonstration of whether the patrol has been carried out correctly.
4. At the end of the patrol, the patrol data is downloaded via a USB output port, which is connected to the computer

Features & Benefits of Patrol Management System

1. Increase Management Efficiency

1. Increase Guard Tour Management Efficiency

A patrol management system is a powerful solution tool which offers you maximum management efficiency and productivity.
Get the most out of your business by minimizing administrative work time and increasing workflow efficiency. With the automation of workflow provided by the RFID/NFC guard tour system proximity tag technology, it gives you the opportunity to focus your time on key higher-priority work activities such as

1. Focusing on growing customer sales and targeting new clients.
2. Assisting with clients request, such as Customization of products and perhaps technical issues of guard tour malfunction.
3. Training and skills development of your site security officers
2. Efficient Management of Multiple Security Teams & Guard Site

2. Efficiently Manage Multiple Security Teams, Multiple Guard Site

Typically in any guard tour management setup, there will be multiple teams of security patrol officers to coordinate and monitor, with each team situated at each of the client premises guard areas. These can range from diverse locations ranging from private condominium areas to remote industrial warehouse, to even geographically wide territories in the town.
Streamline Guard Tour Management Workflow
The web connected Real time Guard tour patrol management system gives you a way to systematically and centrally manage and track the shift attendance of your teams of security officers in multiple public or client site location without causing you to lose focus from your core job duties.
Without a security guard tour clocking system, there can be serious operational inefficiencies in operations, such as

1. The constant back and forth coordination on the telephone, which can often be time-consuming and inefficient.
2. Piling up of daily paper report logs, which are often hard to read and plagued by problems of doubts on the credibility of data and fuzzy handwriting. This also eliminates the need for USB sticks for manual data transfers.
3. Inefficient daily status update meeting with the security officers which are Time consuming and does not give the full details on the guard tour security situation.
3. Accountability & Demonstration of Service Delivery (KPI)

3. Accountability & Demonstration of Guard Tour Service Delivery (KPI)

Improve Reporting Processes

Tailored Report and Post order generation feature of the security patrol software enables you to streamline reporting workflow at a higher rate and helps you and your security manager to efficiently manage adherence in your security tour operations.Accountability to Clients

Accountability to Clients

Reporting functions enable you to capture relevant Key performance indicators (KPI) so that you can conveniently demonstrate service delivery to clients and stake holders. It also enables you to instantly share vital high-security information with decision-makers & responders to make timely decisions.Proof of Presence

Proof of Presence

The integrated data capturing and report generation features of a security guard checkpoint system solution allows you to develop the best practice of securely document all guard tour related data and schedule in a timely manner. This helps to provide clients an evidence of guard tour being executed at a specific time and location, giving security guard company a means to justify the cost of their services. In times of need, this security report document can be used for government subsidy claims, insurance claims purposes, and public legal proceedings. It is important to note that if a guard patrol event was not documented, it is as good as if it was not carried out in the first place.

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