QR-Patrol Mobile App 

A Cloud-Based Guard Tour Solution (NFC Tag, RFID Tag, Beacon)

● True Real-time Remote Guard Tour Patrol Management Capabilities
● Intuitive Interface allows Information Concerning Patrol to be Easily View in one Glance.
● Automatic Highlight of Abnormalities in Patrol Activities, Such as Missed Checkpoints, Wrong Scanning Sequence, Lack of Compliance with Scanning Schedule
● Integrated Report Generation Function for Reporting Guard Daily Activity & Security Incidents

What is a QR-Patrol Guard Tour System All About? 

QR-Patrol is one of the few web-based guard tour patrol system available in Singapore that has Real-time Remote patrol tracking capabilities.
Instead of the conventional iButton or RFID checkpoint technologies that most guard tour system in the market use, a QR-Patrol which is base on a Mobile Patrol App uses the latest data transmission technologies such as the

1. NFC Inductive data transmission
2. Beacon data relay stations
3. QR-code tag reading

Evolving Demands of Security Patrol Operations 

If you are a Security manager of a security services agency, or a Facility manager responsible for managing the operations of the security guard tour patrols carried out on a building premises, questions often in your mind would probably be:

1. Where are the Details of the patrol route that each security guard has to walk? How much progress has been made?
2. What is the real-time location of the security guard currently active on patrol duty?
3. Latest placement of the guard tour checkpoint locations (ie. NFC tags, Beacon Stations, & QR-code tags)
4. Did the security officer comply with the required schedule when conducting the scan of the patrol checkpoints?
5. Was any emergency incident or breach of security observed during the patrol operations.

Depending on what type of guard tour technology you use, it may or may not answer all of the about question that you have about your guard tour operations.

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QR Patrol

(NFC Tag + QR Code + Beacon)

Real-Time Visibility of Guard Activities

When you equip your guard operations with a QR Patrol mobile-based guard tour technology, it helps to address all the above questions as your security guards are always ‘Online’ in the tracking system with no period of ‘Black-out’ in between checkpoints.

The cloud-based system and its web-accessible interface help to provide clear visibility on the guard tour activities and inspections carried out and help to eliminate any ambiguity.

A Revolutionary Way of Managing Your Guard Patrol

QR Patrol

1. Latest Guard Tour Technology

Change the Way Guard Tour Operations are Managed using IoT technology, QR-code Scanning, NFC tag reading, & Beacon Signal Relay.

2. Real-Time, Remote Patrol Management

2. Real-Time, Remote Patrol Management

Conveniently Manage Your Security Patrols On-the-Go via Mobile App

3. Precise Patrol Tracking

3. Precise Patrol Tracking

Accurate Location Tracking of Your Security Guards During Patrols

4. Lone Worker Safety

4. Lone Worker Safety

Built-in Safety Features such as Automatic Man-down Alert, SOS distress button & Automated Push Notification

5. Guard Tour Activity Report Generation

5. Guard Tour Activity Report Generation

Integrated Guard Tour Activity Report generation to verify patrol rounds carried out. Automatically highlight abnormalities, such as missed Checkpoint, wrong Scanning sequence, or Late/Early checkpoint scanning.

Why Choose QR-Patrol 

1. True Real-Time Tracking

1. True Real-Time Tracking & Control of Guard Patrol Operations

When the QR-patrol guard tour solution is implemented, each time the security officer scans the checkpoints (eg. NFC-tag, Beacon relay, or QR-code tag) placed at various critical assets on the guard site premises, the patrol checkpoint scanning data captured will be sent by the QR-patrol Web application to the Security Command center via the Cloud server.

Faster Response Time to Emergencies

This Instantaneous, & Real-time status update allows security managers to have a significantly faster Response time to dispatch the necessary Resource to handle any time-sensitive or emergency security situations.

2. Demands of Modern Security Operations

2. Dynamic Demands of Modern Security Patrol Operations  


Expanding Roles of Security Guards 

Security Officers today have a Multi-faceted role in today’s demanding security guard operations.
Especially in today’s security landscape where organizations are placing a higher priority on ensuring the safety and security of their business assets, the security guard does not just carry out patrols.
During patrols, they also have to also carry out other complex critical tasks, such as

1. Capturing Incidents & Evidence security breech encountered
2. Recording of suspicious observations during patrols
3. Inspection on Serviceability & Proper Functioning of Assets, Equipment and Facilities installations.


Need for A Modern Guard Tour Technology 

To effectively Manage & Meet the growing demands of the security operations industry, it needs a Guard Tour Management System that is equally Capable.
A unique Mobile-based guard tour application platform technology by QR-patrol arms your security officers to do just that.
With QR-patrol, a security guard can simply manage and take control of all his work demands on a Smartphone while carrying out the guard patrols.

3. Accurate & Clear Security Incident Reporting

3. Accurate & Clear Security Incident & Patrol Activity Reporting 


Proper Security Report Documentation

Transparency and Accountability of the observations made during the security patrols is enhanced with useful functions such as

1. Ability to upload Pictures captured during patrols
2. Send Voice messages
3. Attach notes
4. Allowing security officers to input authenticating Signatures


Real-time Communication

When an emergency situation or urgent security incident is encountered, the security officer can simply use the QR-patrol application to Immediately alert the Security Manager or Facility manager to enable time-sensitive decisions to be made in a timely manner.

Effective Management

Whether you are a Facility manager or a Security Guard services agency, the QR-patrol guard tour technology enables you to manage information more effectively.
Thus giving you more Situational Awareness and Control by allowing you to manage multiple assets, facilities more effectively.

Features & Benefits of QR Patrol

1. Latest Guard Tour Technology

1. Latest Advanced Guard Tour Technologies

QR-Patrol is the 1st guard tour system that incorporates the latest Internet of Things (IoT) technology which Redefines how guard tour patrols are managed.
In addition, it is integrated with Multiple Advanced checkpoint reading technologies, such as QR-code scanning, NFC tag reading & Beacons for Long-Range transmission of patrol data back to security command center.

2. Real-Time, Remote Patrol Management

2. Real-Time, Remote Guard Patrol Operations Management

A Cloud-based system means that you are able to Remotely Manage and Track your guard’s Position & Movement from anywhere, or even while on-the-go on your Mobile phone.
This is achieved through the Real-time push notification made possible by the Cloud technology.

3. Precise Patrol Tracking

3. Timely & Precise Guard Patrol Activity Tracking

Monitor guard’s real-time Location and Movement via GPS coordinates positioning.
Any incidents of abnormally in the patrol activities, such as Missed checkpoints, Early/late arrival at checkpoints, Wrong checkpoint scanning sequence is automatically recorded and highlighted in the system.

4. Lone Worker Safety

4. Protect Safety of Your Security Officers

The QR-patrol mobile application is equipped with several safety features designed to protect the safety of your security guards who often also lone workers.
It has an Automatically triggered Man-down alert functionality, Single-press trigger buttons for sending SOS distress signals and Automated Push Notification.

5. Guard Tour Activity Report Generation

5. Integrated Guard Tour Activity Report Generation

Seamless integration with guard patrol management software allows Security Managers & Facility managers to easily obtain patrol data collected for further analysis review or export into customizable guard activity report for fast dissemination to key stakeholders.
The guard tour management software also allows you to sort and filter the Database on dates range and status. Any discrepancy in the patrol data, such as missed checkpoint scanning, wrong checkpoint scanning sequence, early/late checkpoint scanning will also be highlighted automatically.

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