Real Time Guard Tour System

Real-time Intelligence, Real-time Response

A Real-time guard tour system is specially designed for organizations to conduct remote monitoring of patrol duties to protect their business assets and valuable equipment located in remote locations.Every day hundreds of high-value equipment and business critical assets located in remote locations unsupervised are stolen, damaged or sabotaged. To achieve total safety and security of your assets in a remote location, close supervision and monitoring are essential to deter any attempts at theft, break-ins or unauthorized entry.

Types of Real-Time Guard Tour System We Offer

1. JWM WM-5000P+

1. JWM WM-5000P+

Real-time Guard Tour System with 4-in-1 Integrated Data Transmission Capabilities.
The JWM WM-5000P+ features GPS coordinates positioning, GPRS/GSM communication channels & RFID inductive reading of Checkpoints.

2. QR-Patrol

2. QR-Patrol

Base on a Mobile platform, this Real-time Guard Tour System uses Beacon for Accurate Real-time Positioning of Your Security Officers.


Our Services

Physical Security System integration

1. Security System Integration

Already have an existing security system such CCTV or intrusion detection system installed? No problem, our team of security professional will be there to ensure that your Real-time guard tour management system is integrated with your legacy systems to deliver a cost effective implementation.
Physical Security Software Development

2. Software Development & Integration

Need an integrated dashboard to manage your GPS /GPRS/ GSM guard tour management system together with your existing security systems? We offer customized security software with fast turnaround time and allow for minor fine tuning as your security needs and organizational
workflow evolves over time.

Physical Security System Installation

3. Guard Patrol System Installation

Our team of friendly installers will be there on-site to help you to implement the real time patrol management system from the initial docking station setup, software configuration, mounting of checkpoints to final functional checks.

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DrPatrol provides affordable and reliable guard tour management solutions. We also offer security systems hardware and customized software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!

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Features & Benefits

A new way of managing your staff patrol routes that provide you with 100% Transparency and Accountability of your guards’ activities, unlike anything you’ve seen in the past.
Real Time Guard Tour System Singapore

1. Real-time Updates for Total Security

2. Global Remote Accessibility

2. Global Remote Accessibility

3. Stay Informed 24/7 with Smart Alert Notification (

3. Smart Alert Notification

4. Increased Productivity

4. Increased Productivity

5. Affordable

5. Affordable

Features & Benefits of Real-Time Guard Tour System

A new way of managing your staff patrol routes that provide you with 100% Transparency and Accountability of your guards’ activities, unlike anything you’ve seen in the past.

1. Remote Accessibility

1. Global Remote Data Accessibility 


– You are able to access your patrol data and status at all times from anywhere, at your convenience on a mobile connected device
– Countrywide coverage of the GPRS communication platform allows the GPRS guard tour system to have real-time and long-range monitoring capabilities of multiple guard patrol activities at multiple remote sites.
– In addition, patrol data can be updated to the Web-based monitoring software in real time via the GPRS data transmission
– This also helps to save time by eliminating need to travel between sites to collect patrol data & report updates
2. Smart Alert Notification

2. Stay Informed 24/7 with Smart Alert Notification


– Real-time guard tour system also provides excellent security through real-time monitoring. Imagine a GPS that allows transmission of precise positioning data in the actual situation. The security center will receive a prompt alert informing the actual location and it’s time checked-in.
How good was that? It also includes special instructions for specific checkpoints. Identifying the exact location where patrol route the guard is currently at is now easy. Real-time notification enhance your organization’s awareness and immediate response capability.
– Alerts notification of pre-defined events allows you to stay informed all the time to give you a peace of mind
The system will stand guard to protect your remote assets and contact you only in case of a possible security threat detected or a guard personnel diverting from the planned patrol route and schedule.
– Each time the checkpoint is scanned, the scan event is automatically logged indicating time and place.
3. Increased Productivity

3. Increased Productivity through user-friendly Advanced Software

Real-time guard tour system can also increase productivity through advanced report generation. Yes, you’ve read it right! The software is configurable to meet specific requirements of your organization. It can also automate the generation and email report to track patrol sequence. If there’s a missed checkpoint, irregularities in the patrol data can now be identified and verified. Useful for auditing or in a security investigation.

– User-friendly software is able to auto-generate report detailing the path walked by the guard personnel and exactly when and where each of the patrol checkpoints was scanned.
This allows you to verify reports from the field to improve overall efficiency and control of your organization
– Any irregularities in the patrol data can be easily identified at one glance and verified, in the event of a missed checkpoint or security incident.
– Data collected is useful for audit purpose or in event of a security investigation
4. Affordable Solution

4. Affordable & Cost Effective Real-Time Guard Tour Solution


– Operates as a standalone system, no need for costly hardware or software requirement (eg. no need for dedicated computer)
– Fast setup at minimum cost, no installation required
5. Real-time Updates for Total Security

5. Total Security through Real-time information Updates


– To enable you to make informed decision in critical security situations
– GPS, GSM allows transmission of precise/accurate positioning data in real-time
– Each time the guard scans the QR code or NFC checkpoint, security monitoring center will receive an immediate alert, informing you of the current position and time of check-in.

– Any attempt at sabotage by the guard on the system is immediately alerted to security supervisor

– Unique instructions for specific checkpoints can be included eg. Instructions for guards to check temperature setting of a room
– With Real-time notification and SOS alerts, it helps to enhance your organization’s situation awareness and give you an immediate security response capability.
It also allows Security manager at a centralized monitoring center to know exactly where on the patrol route the guard is currently at.

Why The Need For Real-Time Patrol Tracking?  

Through the real-time communication capabilities of the GPRS-based real-time guard tour system, notification alerts on the patrol status can be sent to you to informed you of any security abnormality detected, such as a theft break-in, unauthorized entry, or if there is any movement deviation of the guards from the planned patrol route and time schedule.

With a Real-time Guard Tour system, it provides you with a reliable means to supervise the guarding of your assets in remote locations, giving you a peace of mind without worrying about the safety of your assets and investment that are important to you.

The real-time guard tour system combines RFID proximity reading technology with technologically advanced GPS positioning system (based on a Real-Time Location System, RTLS) and GPRS cellular network/mobile communication/ mobile data transmission capabilities to enable you to protect your assets no matter where you are.

The use of a GPRS-based technology for data transfer allows security command center to receive real-time information on the position of the patrol personnel and occurrence of any pre-defined events, by means of either a Web-based Patrol Management Application, Email or SMS text message.

All of the monitoring capabilities and information you need is accessible at your convenience from an internet-connected mobile device. In addition, you are also able to manage and configure alerts notification settings on the go.

Real-time guard tool system is a new way of managing your staff patrol routes. It provides you with 100% of transparency and accountability of your guard activities. It offers long-range monitoring in real time. Patrol data updates to the web-based monitoring software in real time via GPRS. Monitoring in real time also helps to save time. It reduces travel between sites to collect patrol data in report updates.

Things to Consider when choosing a Real Time Guard Tour System

1. What Assets are You Protecting?

– Critical public infrastructure typically demands security response to be swift and effective in an event of emergencies
eg. Power generator, Prison, Highway, Railways
– Identifying assets that need to be protected is a critical component to determining the level of security you need.
Assets can be both tangible and intangible, ranging from people, physical property, intellectual information assets and critical business operations & processes

2. What are the Security threats?

-What is the likelihood of occurrence of a security incidence or emergency?
– What are the consequence, risk and potential losses incurred in an event of a security breach?
eg. Reputation loss, Damage to the Brand image, Staff morale, Loss of revenue opportunity, disruption to business operations
– Security threats to your organization include:
1- Workplace injury, Workplace violence
2- General employee theft
3- Vandalism
4- Disruption to supply chain
5- Domestic terrorism, bombing threats

3. Scheduling Requirements

Determining the number of personnel required and deployment hours for each guard patrol shift can be a complex task when there is limited manpower or when the area to be guarded is extensive.
With the Real-time guard tour system management software, scheduling of security personnel can be greatly automated saving your company considerable administrative cost
– In terms of Time analysis Management, the availability of an accurate time log now allows for better optimization of manpower

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Feel secured the Affordable way!

Real-time guard tour system is affordable and convenient. It operates as a standalone system. No need for costly hardware and software, thus no need for a dedicated computer. Cost efficient set-up plus no installation required.

Have ever feel anxious about the security of your business? Can’t focus on a certain activity because your business’ security bothers you? Ending up feeling hopeless on securing your belongings. Actually, there’s something that you can do! Real-time guard tour system is all you need.

A real-time guard tool system monitors staffs in real-time via GPRS cellular network data transmission. Real-time guard tour system is for security operations that need to manage guard patrol activities to protect remote areas. GPRS patrol system is the leading choice for organizations. Offering centralized management of security operations in a multi-user and territory set-up.

It’s All Up to You

Either you’re a businessman or just want security in your home, real-time security dilemma needs real-time security solutions. A real-time guard tool system that’s easy to control, cost-efficient and has automated monitoring is a good deal. So what are you waiting for? Start securing today and discover the real-time guard system that fits perfect to you!

Applications in Remote Monitoring

The Real-time guard tour system is particularly ideal for organization and security companies which need to concurrently manage multiple guard patrol duties and multiple remote sites which are difficult to access and are geographically far from the security management and command center.
The advantages of a real-time guard tour system are evident in contrast with conventional RFID-based guard system, which is only able to update the security command center on the patrol status only when the guard personnel have completed their rounds and are physically back at the security management to upload the data for verification.

Examples of Remote Monitoring:

1- Protection of Cargo container in large port storage facilities, located in an industrial area in Tuas.
This requires long-range communication capabilities in the guard tour data logger due to the large land area involved. The ability of the guard tour data acquisition wand to send real-time security alert makes it possible for the security management to respond swiftly to any threats detected.Other notable examples where a Real-time Guard Tour is useful in the protection of valuable equipment assets in difficult to access remote sites includes:
2- Cellular transmission tower
3- Fenced perimeter of remote warehouse