Security Guard Checkpoint System

A security guard checkpoint system by DrPatrol Singapore is used for real-time tracking and monitoring of security guard personnel. The checkpoint patrol management system ensures that guard patrol rounds are enforced and completed on time, optimizing management of security operations.
The security guard clocking system also serves as a strong deterrent to counter vandalism, theft, and unauthorized access, protecting your business assets and investments.

Our Services

Physical Security System integration

1. Security System Integration

Already have an existing security system such CCTV or intrusion detection system installed? No problem, our team of security professional will be there to ensure that your iButton guard tour management system is integrated with your legacy systems to deliver a cost effective implementation.

Physical Security Software Development

2. Software Development & Integration

Need an integrated dashboard to manage your Touch memory guard tour management system together with your existing security systems? We offer customized security software with fast turnaround time and allow for minor fine tuning as your security needs and organizational workflow evolves over time.

Physical Security System Installation

3. Guard Patrol System Installation

Our team of friendly installers will be there on-site to help you to implement the touch-memory patrol management system from the initial docking station setup, software configuration, mounting of checkpoints to final functional checks.

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DrPatrol provides affordable and reliable guard tour management solutions. We also provide security systems hardware and customized software integration. Secure and Protect your assets today!

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Security Guard Checkpoint System

1. Easy to use Patrol Management System

Durable & Safe for Operation in Harsh Abusive Usage Condition

2. Durable & Safe Operation

Detailed, Accurate & Timely Guard Patrol Reporting

3. Detailed, Accurate & Timely Reporting

Web-based Convenience & Accessibility

4. Convenient & Accessible

Features and benefits of Security Guard Checkpoint System

1. Easy to use Security Guard Checkpoint System

Easy to use Security Guard Checkpoint System

You are empowered through our easy-to-use interface. The user interface is particularly suitable for security guards who are not technically inclined or not familiar with computers. This intuitive functionality is made possible by our proprietary security guard tour system management software (int link: Guard Tour System Management Software). Furthermore, set up is fast! Everything you need is contained in one package comprising 1 Touch Probe and iButton memory chip checkpoints (int link: Security Guard Checkpoints).
The touch probe data collector is field programmable according to specific security procedures and needs unique to your organization.
In addition, the security guard scheduling software has timekeeping capability to manage the shifts of your security officers.

2. Durable & Safe Operation

2. Durable & Safe for Operation in Harsh Abusive Usage Condition

The touch probe data collector is rugged and water resistant. A multi-layered construction made of military grade material, the touch probe data collector is extremely durable to drop impact for the lifetime usage of the guard tour patrol system. The electronic guard tour system is further protected by a metal case for reliable performance in harsh conditions such as extreme outdoor temperature and rain. IP67 certified water proof design ensures a dependable data collecting functionality. The touch probe uses the latest Touch memory chip technology and is tamper-proof, able to detect attempts at sabotage.

3. Detailed, Accurate & Timely Reporting

3. Detailed, Accurate & Timely Guard Patrol Reporting

A clear, concise report of patrol log data can be customised and presented to you, allowing you to stay on top of and maximize your company’s security situation. At a glance, you will be able to view details of tour log and guard route walked for each guard. You are able to monitor at what time each checkpoint is touched by the Touch probe data collector. Any occurrence of exceptional incidents, missed checkpoints, or checkpoints visited in the wrong sequence is made known to you. You can see details of security incidents, e.g. time/date/location of vandalism. Information about the guards’ tour log from the guard tour management system is useful for: • Guard schedule planning • Equipment maintenance schedule planning • Evaluation & training of personnel for time accuracy of checkpoint performance • Identifying trends & patterns for improving organization security protocol, & take immediate corrective actions to optimize patrol routes for tighter security protection and response.

4. Convenient & Accessible

4. Web-based Convenience & Accessibility

Our guard tour management software is web-based and easily accessible. Data from the Touch Probe Data collector included in the real time guard tour system is downloadable to a computer via USB using a custom designed software. The real time report is viewable online on any internet connected mobile device.

Problems & Challenges of Modern Patrol Management

One problem with managing patrolling staff without a Guard patrol monitoring system is the lack of accountability. It is logistically challenging to ensure that the guards have properly carried out their guarding duties.

Questions often on the minds of security directors and managers include:

  • Did the guards manage to complete their touring routes in the correct sequence of checkpoints?
  • Were any checkpoints missed when moving from point A to point B?
  • Where each of the checkpoints reached at the designated time? How can I verify this?
  • Did the guards abuse their freedom when they were out on patrol?
  • Were there any Security incidents or events that happened during the patrol?

Brands of Security Guard Checkpoint System

We offer a wide variety of well-known models of Guard tour monitoring systems from major manufacturers, such as
1. Guardus G3 by Contronics
2. Digitool GC-01 by Diester
3. Detex Reliant Plus
4. The Pipe Guard Tour System
5. Landwell L-2000P
6. Landwell L-9000P

How Security Guard Checkpoint System works

Security guard checkpoint systems work by requiring patrolling staff to use a handheld reader to scan the RFID buttons strategically placed at each of the patrol tour route checkpoints.
The security guard patrol monitoring system utilizes embedded RFID microchip technology to log information concerning the patrol, such as the unique ID of the checkpoint and time of check-in at each of the patrol checkpoints when moving in between each location points.
The Patrol data collected by the RFID guard tour system during the guard rounds can be downloaded into a PC based computer via a docking port station. A Security Patrol management software can be used for analyzing the data collected to provide real-time tracking and reliable metrics for service delivery optimization.

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