Security Patrol Software

Investing in a security patrol software management tool is one of the best decision you can make to improve your organization guard tour security patrol operations.
Tailored base on your guard tour operations workflow and security needs, this custom software solution is the perfect for consolidating and streamlining your patrol activity reporting, guard tour route planning, checkpoint location management and more.
The software suite consists of three software service modules specifically designed for guard tour management, security incident reporting, and patrol activity monitoring and tracking respectively. All the three software modules can be managed on a single centralized platform dashboard.

Features & Benefits

1. Patrol Route Planning

The software technology enables you to directly upload the site floor plans to accurately plan and assign the appropriate patrol routes base on real world features and information. Common examples of real world features include key exits and entrance main gates, the location of important company assets, such as storage facilities, server rooms, and perhaps critical equipment that needs periodic inspection, such as fire extinguishers. In addition, you can also manage and keep track of all the installation location of your existing checkpoint. Especially if there is a relatively large number of patrol checkpoints installed over a large guarding area, it can be a daunting task to keep track of the serviceability status of each and every checkpoints. This tracking is useful for managing and tracking of the repairs or preventive maintenance done on the existing checkpoints as well as to facilitate the strategic installation of future checkpoints

2. Customizable User Interface

The user interface provided in the PC-based software can be easily customized based on the user’s business needs and computer use proficiency level of your security guards. When needed, custom features can be added to cater to your specific application situation, regulatory compliance requirement, or user’s tech skill levels.

3. Time and attendance tracking

Gain reliable performance metrics and accurate insights to maximize the operation productivity of your security guards. With the time and attendance tracking functionality, you can now efficiently manage and monitor your workforce clock-in and clock out time at each guard site and shift. This time and attendance tracking can be used to streamline the office payroll process.

4. Third-Party Compatibility

As the software has integration capabilities with third-party guard tour system from other manufacturers, you do not have to re-invest in a new set of guard tour management hardware, thereby preventing unnecessary hardware obsolesce.
Whether you are currently deploying NFC tags, RFID checkpoints, Touch memory buttons, or QR code checkpoints along the patrol routes, our software has the versatility to interface with the checkpoint scanning data from your existing Patrol data acquisition reader and automatically process the guard tour activity data collected.

5. Real-time Patrol Activity Tracking

If you are currently using a GSM, GPRS, or GPS based guard tour reader systems, which has real-time data transmission capabilities, the guard patrol software can be configured to work with, receive, track and monitor real-time data concerning your security guard’s patrol activities in the day. The tour data log received are automatically used for generating a detailed report for proper documentation.

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Our Services

Physical Security System integration

1. Security System Integration

Already have an existing security system such CCTV or intrusion detection system installed? No problem, our team of security professional will be there to ensure that your patrol management system is integrated with your legacy systems to deliver a cost effective implementation.

Physical Security Software Development

2. Software Development & Integration

Need an integrated dashboard to manage your security guard tour management system together with your existing security systems? We offer customized security software with fast turnaround time and allow for minor fine tuning as your security needs and organizational workflow evolves over time.

Physical Security System Installation

3. Guard Patrol System Installation

Our team of friendly installers will be there on-site to help you to implement the guard patrol management system from the initial docking station setup, software configuration, mounting of checkpoints to final functional checks.

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1. Checkpoint tracking – Manage all the specific installation locations
2. Customizable software alerts and notifications – receive instant alerts via SMS or email if there is a security incident or guard personnel deviating from the patrol route.
3. Incident Management
4. Real-time Mapping – GPS services to allow you to track officers’ location in real-time, facilitating dispatch in an event of a security emergency detected
5. Multi-lingual support – Suitable for used in teams with diverse nationality and languages
6. Third-party integration – Cross compatible with Guard tour hardware from different manufacturers