Videx Touch Probe 

Videx TouchProbe is one of the most durable touch memory button reader produced by Videx. First created in year 1991, it has since earns a reputation for its durability and reliability.
Built for the elements, the TouchProbe is designed to endure harsh environment and harsh usage conditions. Tested rigorously during its development phase, it is designed to resist exposure to dust, water immersion, and sudden drop impacts.


Secure & Reliable Data Storage

To ensure a secure data storage, the TouchProbe features a backup battery which supplies power to the TouchProbe reader in the event that the main battery is down. The main battery uses a standard-sized 9 volt alkaline battery which is readily available and can be easily replaced by the operator anytime, without the need for special tools. This helps to ensure 100% uptime for an unrivalled performance reliability.
In-addition, the Videx Touch Probe is designed to have an extremely low-power consumption, such that it is capable of performing normally without interruption for 1 year from a single 9 volt battery.


Memory Capacity

The TouchProbe has a built-in internal memory with a generous capacity for over 5000 readings so that you do not have to worry about the touch probe running out of storage during actual usage. For audit purposes, all data transacted are date and time stamped for easy tracking.


Durable Touch-Memory Technology

The Touchprobe reader head and overall body is constructed out of impact resistant stainless steel for added durability and reliability in harsh usage environment. The reader and checkpoint which uses the iButton Touch-memory technology has superior corrosion resistance compared to RFID-based location checkpoints.


Touch Memory iButton

The compact and circular iButton checkpoint is designed to be auto-aligning with the TouchProbe during the scanning process to create a seamless and swift data acquisition between the TouchProbe reader and the Touch-Memory checkpoint.
It is also designed to be extremely adaptable in its mounting on a wide variety of locations, such as shipping containers, brick walls, and pallets.

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Physical Security System integration

1. Security System Integration

Already have an existing security system such CCTV or intrusion detection system installed? No problem, our team of security professional will be there to ensure that your Videx Touch Probe guard tour management system is integrated with your legacy systems to deliver a cost effective implementation.

Physical Security Software Development

2. Software Development & Integration

Need an integrated dashboard to manage your Videx guard tour management system together with your existing security systems? We offer customized security software with fast turnaround time and allow for minor fine tuning as your security needs and organizational workflow evolves over time.

Physical Security System Installation

3. Guard Patrol System Installation

Our team of friendly installers will be there on-site to help you to implement the Videx patrol management system from the initial docking station setup, software configuration, mounting of checkpoints to final functional checks.


The Videx Touch Probe is suitable for a wide range of applications such as
✓ Guarding of High-Value Assets, such as Storage facilities with expensive merchandise
✓ Security and maintenance checks
✓ Track movement of high-value items during process of transportation
e.g. Transportation of money, precious metals, artifacts
✓ Supervision of labor-intensive production process in a high-volume manufacturing environment
✓ Safeguarding of Storage facilities or inventory with expensive items or sensitive information
e.g. Data center, Government buildings

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Portable iButton Reader iBR9000

The iBR9000 iButton is the most compact and portable model that Videx has to offer. Despite its small size, it offers the same functionality and reliability that other regular sized iButton reader has. With this portability, your guards no longer have to carry bulky guard tour readers, relieving them from the physical demands of during the actual tours, allowing them to better focus on patrolling the facilities to be guarded.
In addition to its primary guard tour tracking features, it can also be used together for time tracking of multiple guard personnel during each of their shifts.
The time and attendance information are collected by having the guard to scan their assigned key fobs each time during the start and end of their patrol duties. The data collected can be fed into a pre-existing payroll management system, thereby helping to streamline your organization’s HR processes.

PulseStar Touch Button Reader

The Videx PluseStar Touch button reader is intelligently built for durability and reliability in mind. It is suitable for use in an environment that is exposed to humidity, water, and dust.
The Pulsestar has a built-in vibrator to generate a pulsing vibration for tactile feedback to the guards every time there is a successful reading of the iButton checkpoints during the guard patrol duty.
This unique mode of reader-to-user feedback makes the PulseStar particularly adapted for use in an environment which is noisy, where a conventional audio ‘beep’ would be hard to hear.
In addition, a silent tactile indication feedback allows the PulseStar reader to be used in an environment which needs to observe strict silent, such as in an elegant hotel facility with guest, or in private residences where an undisturbed and conducive environment has to be observed.


Physical:   Stainless steel outer body (Impact resistant, weather-resistant)
Weight:   146 g
Dimensions:   132 x 42 x 23 mm
Memory:   128K battery-backed RAM
Storage Capacity:   5000 iButton ID reads
Battery:   1 alkaline, 9-volt ; backup lithium battery
Battery Life:   9-volt alkaline main battery up to 1 year of charge
Clock:   Real-time; set automatically from computer during communication
Communications:    Serial base station
Transfer Rate Baud rate:    1200 to 19.2K
Data Output:   ASCII text file
Visual:   LED flash after successful read or write
Audio:   18 tone patterns including good read and memory almost full
iButton:   Reads ID of all Maxim iButtons; option to read data stored in 1991, 1992, 1993, and 1994
Storage Temperature:   -20° to 54° C
Operating Temperature:   -20° to 54° C
Humidity:   95% noncondensing


Dimensions:   102 x 102 x 46 mm
Weight:   232.5 g
Number of Readers:   1
Connections:   Computer Standard RS232, Power
Operating System:   Windows
Power:   120 V, 60 MHz; 220 V, 50 MHz
Indicator:   Lights Transmit, Receive, Power
Serial Communication Standard:   RS232


Physical:   Memory chip stored inside button-shaped, water-resistant, stainless-steel case
Dimensions:   3 mm button: 16.3 x 3.2 mm , 5 mm button: 16.3 x 5.9 mm
Weight:   3 mm button: 1.6 g , 5 mm button: 3.3 g
Operating Temperature:   -40° to 85° C
Battery:   None
Data Storage:   Unique 48-bit serial number (read only)