Watchman Tour System 

The Watchman Tour System by Morse Watchman is an automated computerized guard patrol management system that helps to control the tracking of security guards patrolling the premises and at the same time optimize the physical security of your premises.
This system comprises of three main parts; a Global System for Mobile Communication sensor (GSM sensor) and handheld data acquisition reader and logging device, and security management software system to link the two. The GSM sensors appear at strategic locations around the building such as access points, near valuable electronic equipment and expensive products, and at deserted areas of the building.
The installation site of the sensor is also called a checkpoint. The watchman carries the hand-held data reader which is activated every time he reaches in close proximity to the checkpoint sensor tag.
During each successful reading, the data acquisition device also systematically records the time, date and precise location of the watchman. This information data collected can later be retrieved by a computer and used as a reliable source of staff performance metric to demonstrate evidence of service delivery to stakeholders.


Our Services

Physical Security System integration

1. Security System Integration

Already have an existing security system such CCTV or intrusion detection system installed? No problem, our team of security professional will be there to ensure that your Watchman guard tour management system is integrated with your legacy systems to deliver a cost effective implementation.

Physical Security Software Development

2. Software Development & Integration

Need an integrated dashboard to efficiently manage your Watchman tour management system together with your existing security systems? We offer customized security software with fast turnaround time and allow for minor fine tuning as your security needs and organizational workflow evolves over time.

Physical Security System Installation

3. Guard Patrol System Installation

Our team of friendly installers will be there on-site to help you to implement the Watchman patrol management system from the initial docking station setup, software configuration, mounting of checkpoints to final functional checks.

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Features & Benefits

Consulting with a security patrol service is a good place to start to identify and assign crucial checkpoints and plan out patrol routes. Additionally, a watchman tour system and automated security technology checks to ensure that your team is making the proper rounds and the allotted time.

1. Accurate Data Compilation

Any data log compiled and saved is retrievable 24/7 at any time. This data comes in handy in legal issues to prove proof of presence or in streamlining your security operation and provide mission critical data for key decision makers and responders within your organization.
As the data recorder has a built-in keypad, the guard personnel can set the appropriate incident code when needed for any event or incident to be recorded in the system.
With the software management platform, it is also possible to have the data report sent directly to your email inbox where you can retrieve it at any time and from any location. The format is easy to read and printable in case you need a paper copy. The software is also easy to use, so you don’t have to search through endless logs to get the data that you need.

2. Wireless Communication

Everything about the Watchman patrol monitoring system works remotely. The guard does not need to physically touch or interact with the checkpoint during every data read. He simply needs to be in close proximity to the sensor and have his device with him. The RFID sensor will take the information automatically and wirelessly and relay it immediately to the control security command center. This data log includes critical information concerning the patrol, such as the watchman’s ID number, exact location and time and date of contact.

3. Real-time Situational Awareness

All the information is sent to the control center immediately and recorded. This quick turnaround means that you know exactly where each prowling guard personnel is at any one time during his shift duty. The system also has an alert feature that raises the alarm in case there is an anomaly or security emergency encountered during the duration of the tour duty. These anomalies may include a guard missing a checkpoint, a route taking too long to complete or a tour not happening at all.
Having this information immediately available helps you to respond quickly and take appropriate action as soon as a problem is detected. The system is set to work offline and is, therefore, tamper proof. All the information is sent to the security command and control center immediately an electrical or connectivity interruption resumes. Your team of guards cannot tamper with the information in any way.

Challenges of Managing a Team of Patrol Personnel

One of the biggest issues faced by organizations in managing a company of watchmen is in ensuring that everyone is making his patrol where and when he is supposed to. As the security operations management, you can’t always be there to supervise this movement while appointing a head to manage movement doesn’t necessarily work if he is not committed to the task. A camera may also prove demanding because there needs to be someone there to view footage 24/7. Scrolling through all the footage is also not practical. Watchmen may also not be aware of where they need to be and why. Most watchmen had rather stick to one location or move around the business as little as possible. Even the keenest guard can easily miss security breaches if he is not making the proper rounds.

  1.  Enforce a physical presence of guards to deter against threats to the organization, such as criminal theft, corporate espionage, arsonist or vandals.
  2.  Early detection of any security incidents to facilitate fast response, Such as discovery of a fire outbreak explosion, or even a situations involving a man down medical emergency. This makes it possible for the management system to minimize or even prevent any costly financial damage to your organization’s physical assets or premises in general.
  3. Provides documented data of proof that the patrol duties has been carried out to demonstrate service delivery to stakeholders.

Get Your Watchman Tour System Installed Professionally

Get your Watchman Tour System Installed now by the professionals. Our team will take a tour of your property and assess the best locations for the sensors. We also recommend the best-suited handheld devices and product that you need depending on the layout of your property and the threat nature you want to get protection against. Get professional help and maximum support in managing and successfully integrating your new security system with no hustle.